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Thursday, January 13, 2011

So a few TiW entries ago, I was raving about the Bio-essence Multi Effect 8-in-1 BB Cream...

This one, remember or not!?

And it got me through to Top 30 of the bloggers' competition, and I am one step nearer to Korea!

And I'm all ready and geared to chiong 大長今 already!!!

But before I can pack my bags and fly off, I need to get myself into Top 10 first in order to compete for that grand prize. To do that, I need to be one of the luckiest/most creative 10.

And that is a major challenge. I'm funny, yes. I'm bitchy, that too... But I'm nowhere near creative.

Anyways, sit tight, because Jacqualine is about to unleash her most creative side EVER!!!!! (not)

We started off having an introduction talk from Hui Hui. She shared about  the various products of Bio-essence, and I was surprised that Bio-essence is the No. 1 Facial Care Brand in Singapore.

I really like the bird-nest 24K Gold series eye cream *hint*

What, wouldn't you be surprised?

That means, Bio-essence actually trashed all other brands, including those that costs hundreds and thousands! (Like La Mer, for example, or SK2! Or whatever names you can think of. Bio-essence actually triumphed them all)

I think it's quite an achievement considering that Bio-essence is neither expensive nor high-end. That means, anyone of us can be using the No. 1 Facial Care in Singapore.

I want to tear thinking of this. My face is piled with the No. 1 Facial Care Brand every single day. If that is not atas, I dunno what is!

Oh wait. I know.

Piling up your face with Best Asian Brand instead.

Instead of Singapore, let's pile our face with the Best Asian Brand!!

But oh. That's Bio-essence too! So now you get the gist. Now you know who's the boss!

Hui Hui then 'dismissed' us for our lunch/tea and everyone flocked around the food table. Because I am on a diet (I know, for like the 10th time this year. And the year barely started.), that was all I ate.

I should've just shelved my diet plans la seriously. You know how yummy those spicy wings are or not!!!! T_____T

And I think I forgot to mention that I was the *model* of the day!! *blows wolf whistle for myself*

老師 was exfoliating my face with Bio-essence's Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP. What is ATP? I will tell you if I get into the Top 10! :P

Sorry ah, image quite small. If I get to Top 10, I will give you a bigger image! HAHAHAHA!

The exfoliation will brighten up your skin... and guess what?

The result is immediate.

I think the rest of the bloggers are more interested in food than in me. :(

Ignoring the hungry bloggers, 老師 continued to remove those dead skin from half of my face, deep cleansed my face, applied toner....

And she whipped out the most powerful weapon in the inventory - Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream

Hahaha another small image. Paiseh la!

This cream, ladies, promises to give you the V-shaped face without the 45 degree camera angle.

This is taken with the 45 degree angle lololol.

So how do you use the Face Lifting Cream?

First, you kiss the user:

Hahaha no la, kidding! 老師 is measuring my face. Half of my face is 14.5cm wide btw. Quite cute (I think).

And then dot evenly over your face.

Make sure that you go in a upward circular motion when you massage, because you wouldn't want your skin to go down with gravity, right? So the right way to go, is UP! (And remember your eyelids, please!)

10 minutes later, 老師 measured my face again and I was like 14cm! 0.5cm in 10 minutes is AWESOME ok!

She then completed my facial regime by applying my favourite Multi-Effect BB Cream for coverage.


I think the face-lifting part is exceptionally visible near my jaw! See how much smaller it is on the left, as compared to the right? *EXCITED*

Nobody would ever call me fat face again. EVER.

I hardly look so demure so I made a little banner for myself hahahahahaha wtf.

Here's another half-made-up face for your viewing pleasure. You can still see the effect of the face-lifting cream!

老師 very kindly and patiently made up the other side of my face so that I don't look so freaky with a lop-sided fat face...

And then I scurried to join the rest of the bloggers to decorate our BB Cream!

And here's mine. I named it the Hydrarockin'! This is my contest piece btw, which kinda "displays" my creativity.

I picked this BB Cream because I never really got down to review this Aqua counterpart of the three BB Creams I've received from Bio-essence. (Wow, what a long sentence.)

So, since I have a chance, why not do it now? :D

Like it's name, Aqua BB Cream has the highest hydrating power as compared to the Multi-Effects BB Cream and the Bio-Platinum BB Cream.

It's important to have our face hydrated throughout the entire day, and in case you didn't know, it's actually harmful to apply moisturizer above your make up!

You should always moisturize your face when it is clean, and make-up free. But with the Aqua BB Cream, you wouldn't need to worry about having make-up on for long hours of the day already. :)

Here's my Hydrarockin'! with Candy and Clara's sweet, girly BB Creams.

And me, with my V-shaped face, without the 45 degree angle!!!! Told'ya guys it works!

If you would love to have this whole series of Best Asian Brand on your skin (and probably more! $200 worth you know!), here's how you can win it!

Because all results are based on creativity, you wouldn't even need to beg people to vote for you!

To begin, you need to actually have a tube of BB Cream. So where can you buy it?

Read carefully!

There will be a Bio-essence CNY in-store roadshow at BHG Bugis from 14 to 21 January. There will be DISCOUNTS!

If you are still too broke to invest in the Best BB Cream in Asia, you can alternatively go look for the God of Fortune on Saturday (15 Jan). He will be distributing ang pows so please feel free to rob him! :P

My inside sources say that he would most likely appear between 4 to 7PM, wearing red, and pretty plump looking.

Something liddis.

If all else fails, you can actually go to a host, who would be hosting the event on Saturday, and take part in the games segment! You will win Bio-essence products if you emerge the champion!

Finally............ After saying so much. I need you guys to VOTE FOR ME.

I need every vote possible (because I am not creative) to move on to the Top 10 of this competition!

You can vote once every day so please please please please vote for me! I promise if I ever win this trip, you can shower me with your shopping list and I will fulfill it for youuuuuu!!!!!

And did I mention if I get shortlisted, 50 lucky people who voted for me will win Love, Bonito vouchers???

Aiya just vote for me pleeeeease!!!!


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