Because Friday = Let Lose Flyday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My team decided that every first Friday of the month would be a themed Friday. (Actually, it was Daen who decided. Not my whole team la but because we work as a team... one person's opinion = whole team's opinion wtf)

So three fridays back (or was it 2? Whatever.), we decided to dress in Blue. Daen wanted some whacky theme like polka dots, which was definitely of no problem to me because I LOVE POLKA DOTS!

But I must consider my director. I think she will look ridiculous to come in looking like one-quarter of a dalmatian. :P

So we decided on blue. But it wasn't enough. Captain Daen wants us to take group pictures then he will be happy.

So we took like 30 over pictures with him squatting on the blue office chair wtf.

Charlene looks damn funny here HAHAHAHA wtf. And Daen shows off his couture face again. Ting and I are just busy looking smiley.

And then he pose until he almost fell down. My god.

I look like that kid from Ju-On.

Ting is trying to balance herself while I hogged the screen with Oreo-san.

May I ask why do I always end up agreeing on taking omgwtfbbq pictures liddis??????????

I'm Miss Popular!

Miss Popular has reedeekulously huge mouth, btw.

And THIS.  


You guys want to work in my company or not ah? :P

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