The 2nd part to the ghost story

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I know I still owe you guys the 2nd ghost story so here goes!

Two colleagues from my company were rushing a project and were working late into the night.

It was the 7th month festival then, and everyone had left the office by then.

At the stroke of midnight, the phone rang.

How our office phone works: If there is an incoming call from outside lines (i.e. Calls not made from the office), the tiny buttons at the side will blink, indicating which lines we should pick up.

However, if it is an internal call (maybe from a department to another, the intercom button will flash instead)

Continuing the story...

So the phone rang. Colleague A stared at the phone and got a shock. Both colleagues stared at each other and didn't pick up the phone. After a while, they decided that it would be better to go home.

What happened?

When the phone rang, the intercom button was flashing. Someone had tried calling them, from the office. But how could that be?

There were only the two of them at midnight.....

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