Tuesdays iWANT #15 - Dress Me Masks

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wow wow wow! 2 posts in 2 days, Blogger Chan is working very hard! Heehee.

Before I begin with our overdued TiW post, here's a gentle reminder to all the Super-readers that deadline for redemption of the Ginvera Marvel Gel and Bio Essence BB Cream is on the 31st Dec 2010, so you don't have much time left!

Feel free to click on the widgets below to lead you to Thesamplestore for redemption! :)

Now... let's move on to this week's TiW!

A few days before Christmas, I received a range of masks to prep myself up for the festive season... So Nian and I gave it a go!

(Also because I think guys should take care of their faces... and it's definitely NOT gu-niang to do so!)

So we spent the night applying masks, playing We Doodle, which is a bloody fun game by the way! Come add me at mrstanjianian ok? It was truly quality time spent. :)

Sometimes, it's not always about going out, eating good food (although I cannot resist wtf) and buying stuff that qualify spending quality time together. Sometimes, it's something simple like these that counts, because... who can deny that you will more likely than not run out of things to do together over time?

Anyway, here are the three types of Dress Me masks I've received and tried out over the weeks:

Left to Right:
1. Moisturizing and Refreshing mask
2. Whitening and Brightening mask
3. Revitalizing and Firming mask

I was wearing this Moisturizing and Revitalizing mask... I guess I don't need to reiterate how much I am a sucker at making sure my face is moisturized... *sheepish smile*

The cooling touch from the mask made me awake as soon as I slap them on. Over the 15 minutes, I felt more refreshed and I was enjoying the scent of the mask very much!

The moisturizing effect is alright, you can't really compare it with other moisture-booster masks, but for $1.05 per piece, I think it beats ordinary masks in terms of functionality and price!

You can read the reviews from other users, and also purchase the mask [here]. Please click here first if you're not a member of Thesamplestore. :)

Nian was wearing the Revitalizing and Firming mask... Not because he needed any firming, but just because I want to have the Whitening and Brightening mask for myself! :P

Besides, Nian has had a hectic work schedule for the past week, I certainly think the revitalizing effect of the mask will perk him up as much as it perked me.

Despite naming the mask as Revitalizing and Firming, Nian finds the moisturizing quality pretty remarkable as well. Instead of dried up skin flakes (oh, what do we know about guys and their ridiculous skincare "regime"), the skin is considerably more moisturized than before.

Then again, maybe this only applies for skin that are severely starved from any single bit of moisture, I don't know! :P

Last one, Whitening and Brightening Mask.

Need I say more? I love this mask the most! I like the brightening effect very much, although it was a little wasted for me to use it at night.

If I had known, I'd have woken up earlier to use them before I head to work!

The moisturizing effect is commendable as well, basically, don't expect the masks to do just what its name says.

Expect the mask to do more! :)

For a full range of selection, click HERE to shop now, and get geared up for the New Year!

(and remember to redeem your free Ginvera and Bio-essence too!)

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