Tuesdays iWANT #13 - Ginvera Marvel Gel & Eye Roll Away!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Don't believe me?

Here, look at this:

Ok, ok!! I'm sorry I scared you guys like that!

To be honest, I don't usually have panda eyes like those above, unless I rub my eyes before I fall asleep.

Yes, my dark eye circles are not usually caused by the lack of sleep. I usually have about 8 hours of sleep daily because sufficient rest is very important to me. When I don't sleep enough, you see pimples sprouting around my face like it's free, I tell you.

Apart from the lack of sleep and eyes rubbing, periorbital darkness (dark eye circles) can be caused by many reasons:-
  • Hereditary (either you have very thin skin around the eyes, or you have deep set eyes)
  • Allergies, asthma, eczema
  • Medication
  • Anemia (typically lack of iron)
  • Age
 As such, it is important to get it corrected before it gets worse.

Today, I'm introducing you guys (although very little here!) and girls the Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away.

The Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away consists of Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Rice Fermentation essence, Royal Jelly, Ginseng extracts and Pomelo extracts. All these Bio Energy ingredients were added to the Eye Roll Away to help nourish the skin around the eye contours during the "rolling".

Why Jade?

Take a look at the rolling ball:

This rolling ball is made from Jade because according to ancient Chinese medical books, Jade has the ability to 'dissolve toxins', nourish skin, improve circulation, eyesight and energize the brain.

Also, the Chinese believe that jade has a unique purification and calming property, which cannot be found in other types of gems. As such, using jade as the rolling ball not only helps to channel the Bio Energy ingredients into our skin effectively, it also helps to calm our skin.

So let's try out the effectiveness of the Eye Roll Away. Here's me, with my freshly awake eyes, complete with dark eye circles because I cannot resist rubbing them before I sleep. -____-

So when you apply, go in a pendulum moment. Left to right, left to right. I usually go through it about three times. And sorry for the bad lighting! My toilet is pretty dark and orangey. Hee.

1 week later...........

Dark eye circles still persisted, but it seemed rather lightened up already. Let's put the 2 eyes together:

I think I'm pretty pleased with the results! How about you?


Another Ginvera product I'm introducing today, is the Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel.

Honestly, like really cross my heart, I want to confess that when I first received this, I wasn't very impressed.

I was like, "Ginvera???? Wow that's like what my dad uses!" (Really, he has been using Ginvera since like forever.)

No, never once it has came across my mind - Surely that would mean that it is something good, right? Otherwise, why would my dad use it for yearssss? <-- very stupid me, I know.

So anyway, I sat on the floor, with Kiki and Koko beside me, studying the bottle of Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel. And STILL didn't get what the hype was about....

Until my sis-in-law came along and exclaimed, "OMG! You got this as a sample???? You like or not??? If you don't like, can you pass it to me after your review pleeeease??? THIS IS VERY GOOD!!!!!"


So I gave it a chance.  I don't want to give away something so good for myself you know! :P

I was kinda amused by the colour when I squeezed the gel out - it completely reminded me of a caterpillar wtf. :P

So I smeared it on my face, as usual, and began massaging my face with it. And then I felt the foam got coarser and coarser.

Why ah????

Then when I took my hand off my face, I saw this:


And I don't even feel any pain!

I used the "scrub" (wouldn't call it an actual scrub since I can't feel any microbeads) to clear my blackheads as well. Came out in a jiffy. No more tugging. No more squeezing.

Awesome maximus.

The Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel also promises the following with repeated usage:

  • even out skin tone, 
  • fade out freckles, spots and scars, 
  • refine pores, 
  • remove oil seeds
  • smooth complexion
  • regulate sebum secretion
  • stimulate skin metabolism and
  • allow better and faster absorption of skincare products that are applied subsequently

I've been using this for about a week or so already. The dead skin got lesser and lesser with repeated usage... The last time I used it (yesterday), it was so minimal I thought I was applying it the wrong way or something.

Talking about application, please remember to apply this Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel on dry face. Only use water when you are washing off!

The Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away is retailing at $18.90 at major stores. The Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel is going for $16.80.

There are other Ginvera products that are up for grabs as well, so why not take this holiday to go stock up on your skincare products? :)


You can stand a chance to walk away with a Ginvera Green Tea Jade Eye Roll Away and Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel worth $35.70 by just doing what I do best - WRITE A REVIEW.

All you need to do, is to click on the above widget to GRAB A SAMPLE. Then, use it! After that, you post your review of Ginvera Marvel Gel on Ginvera's facebook page... Then you wait to win!

3 best reviews will be picked out each week for five weeks. The contest period will end on 2 Jan 2011.

So don't wait! :) [Actually, even if you don't win, you've already gotten the Marvel Gel already, so there's definitely no loss!]

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