Tuesdays iWANT #11 - Amelie-Anne's new collection, OUT! :D

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, today's TiW is slightly late.... Because I've been busy with my media launch, which coincided with my TiW. Hearing from my boss that the client was very happy with the launch makes me heave a sigh of relief.

Well, at least working till ridiculous hours have paid off, somehow. :)

Apart from that, I have also finally fallen ill under the inconsistent rain-shine weather, and I'm on medical leave today. Sucks that I am still on probation and wouldn't be able to claim my medical bills. :(((

Anyways, remember I wore a pretty white dress to Phuket?

This one!

Actually, Amelie-Anne sent me this dress (along with a Topshop-inspired blazer) quite a while ago, but I never wore it because *eh-hem* someone I didn't like had the same dress in different colour!

You could so imagine my horror.... Until I thought about it on a brighter side and decided that it MUST be good, both Amelie-Anne's apparels and my TiW. Otherwise, how would someone who totally dislikes me, listens to my recommendations and got herself something so awesome? :D

Moving on, Amelie-Anne has just launched their new collection a few days back! Allow me to show you some of the pieces that they have this collection. It has been so popular, quite a few apparels have been sold out already, so fastest fingers first, ladies!

Seen anything you like already?

I particularly like a few apparels, one of which is the Bella Oversized Dress! (First picture)

But because my fingers are not fast enough, it has already been sold out. :(((

BUT. I'm determined to get the other two dresses!

Let me show you.

This is Kiki Weekend Dress ($25). Despite its name, I am pretty sure this is a good dress to wear to work too!

You know right... when you start working, all you look at are work clothes.

You need to make sure they look professional, but at the same time trendy and edgy AND comfortable so that you can look and perform your best in that busy corporate world.

I like this Embroided Kaftan ($24) in dusty pink too! But I guess you guys know what happens to slow fingers..... :\

Of course, if nothing catches your eye this collection, be sure to check out their Items Available tab to check on previous collections!

For example, we've missed the Embroided Kaftan. But there's this another similar one that is equally pretty under the Available Items tab!

Internal war of which colours to get. All are so pretty!!!!

Here's the chic blazer I got for work. It has pink inner layer you know???? Super cute!

So if you're looking for quality, pretty apparels, you guys know where you should head to. :)

See you at Amelie-Anne!

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