Standard Chartered Half Marathon 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010

So yesterday I conquered my first half-marathon.

It was a rather mixed feeling... but mostly agony. Hahaha! Ok kidding. I had this fierce ego in me in the first half of the race, afterwhich it was replaced with pure concentration.. and agony. -___- Here's the breakdown of my treacherous 21KM yesterday, which btw is so far the longest distance I've ever clocked.:

1KM - 5KM: It was reasonable, I was panting rather hard because of the slopes in Sentosa.. Like mentioned, I'm okay with flat grounds, but I die completely at slopes. Nian was very comfortable throughout the entire half marathon with minimal sweat LOL.

6KM: Reached Siloso Beach. Started to slow down a little and paced myself while Nian continued to cheer me on beside me. Ankle started to ache. Old injury.

7KM: Reached Universal Studios! Saw Kungfu Panda, Chief Julien from Madagascar and Puss in Boots from Shrek! Definitely brightened up our run... and I was so happy!

8KM: Left Universal Studios, felt the tiredness coming really superbly quickly.... Met someone who wasn't very friendly to me at the car park, but never mind.

9-10KM: Lost track of what was going on. I only remembered running out into ECP after Nian got me some energy gel which tasted like nose shit.

10-16KM: Ran like a never-ending expressway, right calf started to cramp up. A medic at the corner barely gave me a 1-cent size of Tiger Balm, which was completely useless.

17KM: Started counting lamp posts. -____-

19KM: At the Esplanade, thighs were already cramping up by then, couldn't feel my foot anymore. Nian was still going strong, running by my side and pushing me to go on. I SO wanted to give up. Bumped into brother-in-law and friends, who had already completed their race.

21KM: Going into the finishing line... and got confused. Dunno why LOL.

Thank goodness for Nian, who pointed out to me where the finishing line was... Can you see the husband pointing out the ending, and him telling me, "Come on! See! So close! Go!!!!"? D:

I opened up at the end to finish my race with yet another cramp..... Gosh. I couldn't walk properly at the end! Nian had to pull me along, and I completely blanked out.

I was just so glad I didn't puke. And I think the only reason was because I didn't actually have solid food prior to my race.

Will I run another half-marathon in time to come?

You bet! ;)

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