OverTime Grand Opening - Dempsey Road

Thursday, December 23, 2010

So despite my go work-come home-dinner-sleep cycle, I actually have some sort of life....

I thank God for an exciting job scope (albeit not the OT part though).

Last week, we saw through one of our clients to their grand opening. It was very exciting because their Guest-of-Honour was superstar Lin Chih-Lin!

Photo credits to Darren, who was there as a blogger! (On the other hand, this blogger here was there as a PR Exec. So I was butterflying my way around everyone.)

So there you have it, the grand opening.

I think my pictures are a little jumping all over the place, but that was because I was so busy.... I only had time to snap when I had the time to snap!

Anyways, this is the famous Starker Beer you must have seen many bloggers raving about recently.

Some of the bloggers who attended (thank you guys! It was FUN hanging out with all of you.... even though I actually didn't have much time to chat with each and everyone). Picture credits to Yong Wei.

I was also busy speaking with David Gan. You see, I thought I could smitten him to do my hair for me... ala Lin Chih Lin style. HAHAHAHA.

No la, kidding. He was Chih Lin's stylist, so while she was inside having exclusive interviews, he just hung around with the PR people with a beer or two.

Pat was there as well (picture credits to Darren), but I really didn't have time to speak with her! She was so funny, everyone hanging around her were like emitting bursts of laughter every now and then.

I want to stand around, stone and laugh also!

Which... I actually did la. After my work. When Chi-Ling left, and I had time to go around butterflying some more. :P

And I opened my first barrel of Starker Beer as well!

You can sooooo obviously see how thrilled I was. -____-

I even wanted to bring the hammer home hahahaha wtf!

Also got a chance to pose with Wendy and Cherie! :)

I have more pictures lying around with some other bloggers, which I promise I will upload them as soon as I get them!

In the meantime, have a good one y'all!

Merry X'mas!!

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