A night of Midnight Marvel

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Woohoo! One of the best things for year end is that... you may be rather busy, but you're in such a jolly holiday mood, you don't feel like working at all!

And when you don't feel like working, you blog!

(I can so imagine Daen reading this at work and go, "Jacqualine ah, you nothing to do already issit!")

Actually, I have la. But, like I said, it's the holiday mood! And we have our company's D&D tonight, with MTV Music Awards as the theme.

I am so bloody looking forward to it, I tell you! I've got a bunch of funniest colleagues who are going to be a range of celebrities - Missy Elliot, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga (this one, he's not sure!), Madonna (also speculated), Beyonce....

And I'm going as one of my favourite singer - Katy Perry!

Ok, maybe not entirely her, since I can never be half as gorgeous as her... But I will do my best!

And for that.... I actually darkened my hair to have it similar to her! (Copy must try to copy all the way, cannot do half-fucks)

I know right, I only have the hairstyle..... Now I need to get those kitty eyes, and preferably grey contact lens, and look for a Russell Brand look-alike to complete my get-up hahahaha!

Ok, kidding about finding a scary boyfriend husband. KIDDING AH. Don't come and print-screen and then say I am unfaithful to my husband or something.... D:

Apart from the D&D, we also headed down to se7en1nch a while back to support a fellow colleague at her gig!

Midnight Marvel! And that's Shirley, my colleague, who performs magic with her electric guitar. :D

And guess what Joyce's doing?

Obviously not touching her own tongue, duh!

She was tattooing Hello Kitty on her tongue!!!

I have my fair share in office too....... Heehee.

Now you guys know the reason why I enjoy work so much - I'm always doing silly things liddis at work HAHAHA.

Say Hello to Hello Kitty!

And we forced Kun Long to do it as well.... :P I think if there were no beer, he wouldn't have given in so easily to us lor!

Except that his Hello Kitty really a bit fail. -_____-

And here's part of us, very integrated people from Client Servicing, Administration, Creative and Public Relations. :P

Alright! I'm not sure if I'd have time to be posting an ending post to end of 2010, but I guess overall it had been a pretty good year for me!

I mean, I graduated, got married, found a job... what else can I ask for? :) I've also met great people who made positive impacts to my life... which I'm truly thankful for.

Even though there are still stupid people who are doing their best to piss me off, I've learned to take things in my stride. At the end of the day, I'm not at any losing end. I certainly hope these people may find the inner peace in themselves... and grow wiser as this new year comes along.

And most importantly, I am glad to be alive.

If you flip the newspaper everyday, it wouldn't be hard to see how many people couldn't live past each year. Some made it to the news, some die of silently. So, make the most of what you have each day! Don't waste it on stalking and hurting people with mindless words and actions.

You wouldn't want to realize that last thing you'd ever did... was to stalk/bitch/be angry with someone you hate. It's a complete waste.

So everyone, may you all live healthily, love heartily and laugh happily.

Happy 2011!

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