Holiday Mood Already.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Technically we're still a fortnight away from Christmas, but I am in such a holiday mood already!

Have you guys done your Christmas shopping? :D I'm not sure if I've blogged about this before already... (Short term memory hahaha) but I'm kinda stuck with mine! D:

You see, I am the Secret Santa for one of my girlfriends in Tuesday Girls. That, is not really a problem. I got that settled weeks ago! But now, I want to get something for the husband and XY... which is giving me a major headache, trust me.


XY and I combed the Forever 21 store in Somerset 313 a few days back. I wanted to get a new dress for Christmas (I know right, I have so many excuses to buy clothes HAHAHA), but in the end.... XY emerged out with 3 clothings scored but nothing for me!

Didn't really see anything I like lah.

Over lunch the day before, I was telling XY that I wanted to get new shoes.... Simply because I *think* I don't have enough work shoes to go with my clothes. Hee.

But really! I only have 2 pairs of black heels, 1 pair of white, 1 pair of gold and 1 pair of purple flats. No girls could have survived that long with 5 pairs of shoes, right???

In the end, when we got into Heatwave, XY got a pretty pair of lace shoes, and I came out with none.


Sucks to have a common foot-size really.


Anyway, food time! We headed over to Alley Bar for some dinner and beer after work two days back. We wanted to head down to Timbre, but it was closed for a private function.

But that's okay, cuz the Good Fellas were not playing anyway. Lalala~

We ordered a lot of food, by the way. This Paprika Chicken pizza was yummers!

Nana posing with the Cobb salad, which wasn't too bad, except that Idol Lee and I don't like those bacon bits. Like hello, salad is supposed to be healthy please! (But thinking about it, it kinda defeats the health purpose, since we're chomping down chicken wings anyway wtf.)

Told you I'm in Christmas mood already. Only my seat was snowing HAHAHAHA WTF.

Food + 6 bottles of beer for the 4 girls. Moderation, moderation! :P

Moderation my head ah. I alone ate like 5 pieces of wings or something. -____-

And I think I don't need to explain that I am this "small" in the picture.... Was because I was sitting down, right?

No. I think I better explain. Juuuuust in case I got misunderstood again. :)

 We took a series of self-shots after Idol Lee left, and it was mad funny!

I always think setting the camera on timer-mode and then running to place is damn fun wtf. :P

And here's how we did it HAHAHAHAHHAA:

All of these under a cigarette tray! WTF at the length we go to get photos snapped without enforcing the servers LOLOL. (AND NO, I AM NOT THE SMOKER OK?)

Ok, gotta run. Weekends very precious! There are tuition classes, movie dates and all sorts of fun stuff coming up. Ciaos!

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