The Christmas Week

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So how was your Christmas? Mine was spent really, really simply. The husband and I feasted on crabs (I know right, where's the turkey!?), had the yummiest cheese mussels... and spent the remaining evening snuggling in bed watching TV.

We so need to recharge ourselves, I tell you.

Other than that, I've been busy with work (what's new right)... and this time, work took me to an awesome mushroom feast with my client......

And Zhou Ying!

I don't know la, but I think I've been pretty lucky in my job to be able to see Lin Chih-lin the week before, and then have dinner with Zhou Ying the week after.

Not all PR Executives have such luck one ok. :P

Zhou Ying's really a sweet girl to hang out with (apart from the enticing fact that Dai Yang Tian is her good friend.... :P), which celebrity hug you to take picture liddis one! :D

Ok now I sound like some psycho happy fan wtf.

After a really full mushroom dinner (You guys will know pretty soon which brand it is! TV commercials will be up by next week!), I headed off to look for my god-sis.

At J Bar!!

And obviously it wasn't a silent night at all with all of our laughter, nonsense and ghost stories (wtf).


Oh! Hubba brought us to watch Gulliver's Travel as well, and I think it's dead funny!

Ahhhhh yah, that was my Christmas week.

It wasn't particularly happening, but it was great because I get to spend with every single person I love, had a variety of alcohol (AHMYGAWD I'VE SINNED) - red wine, white wine... you name it. *burp*

Now, we need to plan for THE NEW YEAR COUNTDOWN.

What are you guys up to?

I'm hoping to be able to catch up my daily maintenance: my manicure, dye my hair (omg those roots!), do some CNY shopping..... :))) 

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