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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

On Saturday, I was one of the 8 bloggers invited down to a bloggers' event. Basically, it was a get together event to know each other and a slight brief because we are all in the midst of becoming ambassadors!

But since the collaboration is still under discussion, I shall keep the company hush-hush. Will definitely share with everyone if the deal goes through! ;)

There are many things to look forward to 2011. I've came up with an interesting package for my advertisers, which most of my existing advertisers would have already received my mail by now. If you would like to have a huge number of posts with minimal amount of money, feel free to drop me a mail and we can discuss!

Also, I am hoping for a hair and nail sponsor.... Heehee. I promise I will be a good girl and blog efficiently!

Back to the blogger's event, the organizers went through a great deal to make the experience worthwhile for us!

Like our personalised name tag, for example. Poor organizers had their fingers pricked so many times to get this done up for all the 8 of us! :(

We've also had some briefing.... which of course, wasn't really the most fun part of the event. :P

After the briefing, I think the organizers sensed that we were all hungry, so they disappeared for a moment before emerging back into the conference room with plates and plates of sushi! *DROOLS LIKE MAD*

I very shamelessly took most of the salmon sashimi sushi. I CANNOT RESIST OMG NOMNOMNOM.

They prepared cupcakes for us too!! Agri and I was like busy poking into each and every cuppy to see if the chocolate coating = chocolate cake. In the end.... it really was.

I ended up with the white one, which was of course vanilla. Very yummy!

And when you have a group of bloggers together AND food.... that's what happened. I think X-tine is the most "calmed down" one. All of us had our cameras pointing right into the food wtf.

Saw Jae again, so long after our Hada Labo event! :D Btw, most of the bloggers were wearing the Dolly Wink lashes. I think it's time for this old woman here to get in touch with Japanese make up, and fix on those Dolly Winks!

Now here's the fun part. The organizers prepared blank notebooks for us to decorate, and bought all sorts of blings and whatever! It was very fun. I ended up having two books because Jae left.... and *eh-hem* we shouldn't waste the organizer's efforts ma! :P

CHENGCHENG!~~  Me looking very pleased with my handiwork. The reason why I love blinging stuff and scrapbooking is that.... You don't need to use any brains at all.

You just randomly pick up stuff that you like, apply glue, slam it down at any part of the paper you like.

I think the gist is this: The more you think, the less "scrapy" it looks!

Ok, that's what I think lah.

The girls on my side: Estelle, Gekgek and Agri. Gek pasted those leafy, woody stuff because she wanted to have some "texture". Whoa wtf. I still prefer my "anyhow take anyhow stick" method. :P

With girls from the opposite side of the table - beginning with Fidelis whom I meet everywhere! :D

Here's X-Tin.... whom everyone says she looked zonked out. MUST BE the late night partying the night before! :P

So urm.... yeap! That's how Saturday went by. Btw, I went to cut my hair (yes, again!) too! I now have some really short, curly crop.......

AND.... I really don't like my hair. It's so hard to style and maintain T__________T

Btw, do catch tonight's Channel 8 Tuesday Feature! TWC2 is featured! Remember how my team and I tried to collect money to fund them and their Cuff Road Project?

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