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Friday, December 10, 2010

What gives you confidence?

Is it your height?

Is it your figure?

Is it how well you can click with others?

What is it?

To me, my confidence roots from good, clear skin.

I take a lot of pride in making sure that my skin is in an acceptable condition. I won't say that it is flawless, I still suffer from hereditary pigmentation (whom everyone so lovingly calls it freckles).

A few years back, my skin was terrible. Loads of milia seeds sprouting like weed in a field, I was upset and constantly unhappy of how I look. Over the years, I cultivated the habit of sleeping early and adequate moisturizing.

I also learned to pick and choose products that suit me, and chucking those which are harmful to my skin.

Among the skincare that is in my keep list, here's Lisselle.

This is one of the five (as mentioned in previous post) moisturizers that I have been using - the Youth Guard Hydrator ($49).

You see, I am no longer the 20 year old girl who could fight those free radicals and look young without trying. (Alas.) Growing old is not an option, but aging gracefully, is!

I would definitely think that having facial lines now is absolutely unacceptable and horrifying. My mum is almost 50 and she maintains her skin so well, she doesn't look like 50 at all! So... you girls get my point.

There is no fool-proof way of keeping wrinkles at bay, but there is definitely a fool-proof way to get wrinkles - You get under the sun. Don't put on any SPF. Wait for your skin to fry.

But that's not what you want, right????? :O

So, try this. The Youth Guard Hydrator is fortified with Vitamins C and E that basically reduces skin oxidation. It is perfect for ladies who are constantly out in the sun!

Push pumps for easy application.

Here's how the Youth Guard Hydrator looks like. Basically you can apply this after cleaning and toning (which I don't really do, the toning part). Make sure you apply it evenly over your face! You would definitely not want a patch of wrinkled skin wtf.

The next Lisselle product that I've kept in my stash is the Urbanista Defence Cream ($42). Working like a BB Cream, this Defence Cream can help to cover flaws, and at the same time moisturize the skin.

I like the idea of "looking like I've got make up on, but actually I've none". Heehee.

I think this Urbanista Defence Cream is very useful for dress down days, or days you just don't feel like piling on so much make up, but don't want to look chui. (I know, very contradicting right).

Basically, this Urbanista Defence Cream provides sun protection, gives you a smoother coverage and acts as a make up cover.

The last item that I keep from the Lisselle range is the Youth Protector Serum ($59).

As it names says, this serum protects your youth, literally!

The Youth Protector Serum has repair damaged cells, prolong their longevity and shield them from damage by interacting with skin at the intercellular level, giving you a more supple, radiant skin, naturally.

Now, CONTEST! :)

Lisselle is looking for the ultimate Urbanista!

All you need to do, is to show that you're the woman who mixes latest trends with non-mainstream fashion to create an original sartorial flair that is admired by the uninspired conformists. Friends turn to you for the latest hideout in town for a good night of fun. With your astounding knowledge on the best places, people and parties around, she is the perfect “insider’s guide” to the city.

1. Show your chic Urbanista look from head to toe and capture a photo of you in it. Or you can take a photo of you having the time of your life at one of the to-be-seen places.

2. Write a short description on why are you an urbanista.

Submission period: 3 Dec 2010 – 12 Dec 2010
Voting period: 13 Dec 2010 – 20 Dec 2010

Click on the image to get to the page now! :D

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