[Adv] Eucerin: Harness the Power of Lactic Acid in Three Steps

Thursday, December 02, 2010

A month ago, Eucerine sent me a sample set of facial wash, exfoliating wash and moisturizer for review.

To be honest, I was really more interested in the moisturizer because I am a sucker for these thirst quenchers for the skin. To date, I have more than 5 bottles of different moisturizers arranged neatly across my study table. Different types of hydration for different time of the month. For example, during the PMS period, my skin is generally oilier than ordinary days.

At this time, I make sure I hydrate my skin properly because the lack of hydration will cause more sebum to be produced to make up for the lack, and excess sebum gives acne. These days, I am quite lucky that my PMS break-outs are rather limited to my chin area.

The Eucerine three-step skincare is scientifically proven to care for acne-prone skin effectively and gently.

I really like the push-opening because that would mean that there's no need for a cap. I always lose my caps... somehow. D:

Here's how the facial wash looks like when you squeeze it out.

So here's me, freshly back from work with a rather oily face. I don't like to dab/clear my face from the sebum unless my face goes incredibly shiny....

Oh btw, my work top is from Venusity. :)

So basically you foam it up and wash your face thoroughly.

Because Eucerine is for acne-prone skin, here's a small tip for all acne prone Super-readers: Don't wash your face too often.

Yup! You heard it right. I know very often, many friends complain to me that their faces are like oil rigs and all, but if you wash your face too often, you actually strip off the natural sebum on your face.

This will result in overly-dried skin that may lead to breakage (where you start to bleed omg) and your skin will take a longer time to heal.

In general, just wash your face once to twice a day will do.

To be honest, I only wash my face once a day, when I get back home from work/play. It may sound really unhygienic but whatever, at least it doesn't give me nasty, angry boils. :)

Step 2 is the Eucerine Scrub.

Like any other scrub, the Eucerine Scrub contains microbeads to help clear out the gunk from pores, so that they can be unclogged and breathe properly.

The green polka-dots are the micro beads that would scrub your face.

To be honest, I think this scrub is too harsh on my face. I felt a stinging sensation when I scrubbed my face, and that was when I *think* I may have somewhat injured my skin.

I like scrubs that have smaller beads because apart from my forehead, most of my pores are rather small.

So verdict, I don't like the scrub. The facial wash was okay though.

The last step to the Acne combat is the Creme-Gel. I would think that we are supposed to apply the entire face to moisturize the skin, but instead of doing that, I used this Creme-Gel as a target spot treatment.

Here's annoying Ms. Pimple on my chin. I know my pimples are considered rather minor, but it is nevertheless annoying. I cannot stop myself from picking at it.... even though I know I shouldn't be doing it at all!

Here's how the Creme-Gel looks like. More of a cream than a gel actually......

Apply on the spot.

Here's how annoying Ms. Pimple looked immediately after applying the Eucerine Creme-Gel. Hmmm... Not bad right, the results?

Let me put both images together for you so that you can see it clearer:

Before on the left, and after on the right. I don't know, but Ms. Pimple does look a little less angry after the application.

So in all, among the three steps to combating pimply skin, I love the Creme-gel the most. I wouldn't recommend the scrub to my Super-readers because I think it is really too harsh! I cannot imagine scrubbing something so rough over my pimples..... D:

Anyways, if you would like to redeem a sample to try it for yourself, you can do so here:

Remember, you always get to try before you buy at TheSampleStore. :)

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