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Monday, November 08, 2010

I'm damn good at checking out angbao money lor lol

We started the day really early, dressing up, making up... And most importantly, setting up the challenges for the brothers.

I kinda like my dress because Mama Tan actually altered it so well, it looked so different from the usual dress I was assigned to!

Can you spot me? :D

She even added a corset-criss-cross style at the back, which I totally adore. :D

I hope I can post up my SIL's morning express when I get permission from her, because it was really so funny you guys should so watch our evil doings! :p

We're just done with dinner not long ago, and yes... All of us are all exhausted from all the shouting, laughing, talking... And most importantly, the ultra loud YAM SENG. Lolol.

Nian and I were also busy playing with the babies in the family, which inevitably ended up having them asking us when our turn would be....

I really wish it will be 2 years' time! Sounds pretty cool to have a dragon baby~~~ :p

Ok, really need to crash. Not sure if you guys are gonna hear from me the next week cuz Nian is bringing me overseas again!

Promise u guys more details when I come back. ;) girls, please don't reveal my destination here! Let it be a suspense. I love suspenses. :p

Good night!

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  1. Haha yeah! I just wished it was made of cotton. It's like a mix of spandex and something... which was quite uncomfortable.

    Otherwise, it's a great dress to wear out!


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