The Thing About Working...

Monday, November 01, 2010

So, I am 1 week into my new job.

What can I say? I look forward to going to the office every day, except that I really crack my head over what to wear most of the time.

You see, this is my first job after I graduate, and I don't really own a lot of corporate wear. In fact, I have always been living on one freakin set (can you believe it? huh?!) of corporate attire... until very recently. :P

I love what I am doing now, although because I am new, there are quite a bit of sai gang to do. But really, which new comer don't do any sai gang? Besides, my sai gang isn't really shitty per se.

I guess the only cons about working is that... I just run out of things to blog about.

And I don't know why!

Is it because I've hit my word quota daily, so much so that there are nothing more coming out from my brains to write something interesting? But if that is the case, then my quota is surely very little.

I haven't even properly begun writing yet. -___-

ANYWAYS, I spent my first "work" weekend pretty well, I would say. I spent Friday meeting up with my Serene and Wendy, had awesome Japanese food, talked about my new job, people whom I bumped into... and..... my new job in general. Yeah.

By the way, Waraku is having 10% discounts for all POSB/DBS cards, so I think it's a good deal!

(Just look at the amount of food we ordered, you'd know.)

And if that is not enough, Wendy had actually bought us her favourite Korean snack!

Talking about Korean, my colleagues and I have been going ga-ga over Junho, one of the singers from 2PM.

I'm usually not a fan of Korean stuff, you know. Be it the culture, the singers, the food. I very much prefer Japanese.

But these days, the Kpop scene had been so vibrant that even I, the mountain tortoise, had to know some bits and pieces of it.

And yeah. I think Junho is quite cute. Hee. *blush*

(Alter ego: OEI what are you doing!? You're a married woman wtffffff. And that Junho is probably only 17!!!!)

Ok *smacks myself awake*

So yeah. Here's the end of our AGM.

To be honest, this year we met up pretty often! It was only 2 months ago that we met, but I don't know why I always think it has been a bloody long time since I last met my girlfriends. -__-

I then spent the rest of the wee hours of Saturday morning watching my husband playing street soccer in Fico until like 2AM.

I know right!!!! I'm such a loving wife!!!! :P :P :P


And we spent our Halloween weekend at the Night Safari. :) More on this later on into the week, when I can find some breather (and feeling) to blog!

In the meantime, I think it is about time I go choose what I'm gonna wear for work tomorrow, and head straight to bed. Loads of stuff to meet the deadline tomorrow, gasp!

Night y'all! <3

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  1. I jitao stopped blogging altogether after working man. Brain cells all died upon reaching home! :((((

  2. you need some time to adjust to working life. i went home and sleep at 9pm every day for the first 3 months! super 不行 lor!! *_*

  3. Serynn, haha! I try to blog something, but like you, most of the time the bed comes to my mind faster than anything else. -__-

    Tiff, luckily I'm not so bad! I still sleep normally, just that for weekends... I cannot wake up. Repaying sleep debts. :P


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