Picking up Mr. Lee

Monday, November 08, 2010

A few days back, Mr. Lee went on a solo trip to Phuket. Being the goody wife, XY then organized a surprise for Kevin, involving all of us!

My sis, being my sis, came all the way down to our place to pick us up. :P Because I was wearing heels and she on flats, this was the only way we could do to have us the same height (and size!).... Very innovative lor!

By the way, my dress only cost me $10. SIBEH SHIOK LOR. I get very, very happy when I steal a good deal liddis!!

It's a good length some more! I always think girls above 1.65m usually quite hard to find dresses that don't look too short... Agree? :\

I don't like overly short dresses cuz it will make me look like a slitch wtf.

So after an hour or so later, we received a shock sms from Kev. It says, "I've decided to stay in Phuket.... (something something else)."

Yah right. :P

See! Mr. Lee arrives!

This post will end abruptly at the meal at Din Tai Fung because I am so hungry now, I cannot continue.


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  1. Haha! Your ending is abrupt but funny! I will be waiting for continuation...

  2. hey! can i know what software are you using? those scrapbook looking frames.. =)

  3. hey pebzz! I'm not sure if I'm continuing this entry.... because I don't know what to write oready. :P

    I will serenade you with other bo liao posts instead! :P

    juaaaany, you can use picnik. :)


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