Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

I know right, I can so take a shovel and bury my blog underground or something.

Not that I can help it, really! Work has been very, very busy for the past few weeks... Remember during my first week of work I was saying that I didn't feel like I was working? *eh-hem* It's the complete opposite now! :P

I just did my first media launch not long ago, which was rather stressful because I was like a complete lost cow, not knowing who's who and all. My next media launch is coming up next week, which I'm really crossing my fingers that everything will go well, because all of us put in a hefty amount of effort in it! :)

Both Nian and I attended Alan and Maria's wedding as well, which was super grand and sweet, because Alan sang to Maria! I have a particularly soft spot for guys who don't sing well, but sings in the public anyway for his other half. Heehee.

Pictures will be up.... *soon*. Heehee.

Ok to be fair, I've already uploaded AND edited the photos, just that I never got around uploading it because I come home to my husband and bed every day. No, sometimes no dinner also. Just want to bathe, play with my facial creams and whatever, and then go to sleep pronto.

Nian and I have also attended our first race for this year... Ok no. Nian's 2nd race, my first race of the year.

Show you guys some photos!

This year was good because I didn't need to climb alone! Hubba got Alvin and Raymond with him, and they brought their girlfriends along too!

I was also very happy with my climb, even though I'm still kinda sucky at it. But hey! I improved my timing by a minute, and with that, my position jumped from 76 to 47!

Let's hope that my timing will just keep getting lesser and lesser... Less traumatising. :O

Another happy news worth mentioning - I've been blabbing about it a lot on my facebook and Twitter already... but in case you've missed it, here's the good news again!

Nian finally got the champion for the Swissotel Vertical Marathon for his category!

He improved like 10 seconds as compared to last year... which was surprising because both of us didn't really train amidst all our holidays... *sheepish grin*

So here's the bunch of us... and more!

Then we caught the last installment of Harry Potter as well, which was good! I had to stop myself from re-reading the book so that I would stop comparing and be fair to the movie. :)

I also spent one Friday night (can't remember when alr!) at Timbre, which also made me very happy because 3 of us (Nian, me and XY) gobbled down 10 chicken wings and like bottles of Heineken! So much for not wanting to drink so much.... -__- Totally cannot resist when it's a combination of wings and beer la! :O

Ok la, gotta run already. You all have a great weekend! <3

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