Oh, glorious (good) food

Friday, November 05, 2010

It's the long weekend! I bet many people are looking forward to this long weekend for a long time! :P

Funny thing is, I keep thinking that today's Saturday. -__-

Work is getting busier by the week because I am slowly beginning to get the hang of things, but still not experienced enough to make decisions without consulting my seniors. You see, I believe in "smart can already, but don't act smart."

But that being the case, I realized my loved ones have been feeding me with bloody a lot of good food for these past 2 weeks, God damn!

Because all of you love me, I am not complaining about growing fatter for you all. :P

One of the weekdays had XY and I eating out at Beppu Restaurant near our work place.

I ordered a Spicy Fried Chicken Ramen. It was pretty interesting you know, basically the food came in a variety of chilli amounts. I think the minimum is 1, followed by 2, 4, 6, and I think 8.

XY eats a 4-chilli, while to be safe, I took the 2-chilli spicy level.

It wasn't too bad! At least, it wasn't so spicy that I couldn't swallow, or ended up with a swollen lips. I particularly liked the fried chicken though, it was delish!

And if Japanese lunch wasn't Nihon enough for me, my husband brought me to Ichiban Sushi for dinner.

Ahhhhh.... Love the cheesy hotate! Nian loves sushi, so you bet we ordered plenty of sushi to go among the two of us. :P

And came the next day's lunch.

Daniel came back from Hong Kong and decided to drop by my work place for lunch! And guess where we went............

That's right, Sushi Tei. Sushi. Green Tea. Zuwai Crab Fried Rice.

It must be a conspiracy of making me Japanese or something wtf. :P

And guess what I had for dinner?


This is cholesterol overload! Morning crabs, evening also crabs omg. I think I'm wiping out the entire population of crabs in a day. :O

We celebrated Tiffany's birthday in advance just two days back, and like what I've mentioned earlier, I've decided to bring the girls to eat my favourite food. :D

And no... liddis not enough. Today, the husband brought me to eat crabs AGAIN.

I know right.... I should just totally stop eating for 2 weeks already. T_____T

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