My First Pay Cheque

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It wasn't a lot of money, because I was only paid for the week I came in.

You see, my company pays every month end... So I think I'm quite lucky to come in in month end and I got my first cheque on like... my fifth day at work. Hahaha!

So, my point of this post is.... What did you spend on for your first cheque?

For me, I bought Nian an awesome lunch on Saturday, followed by tickets to the Night Safari.... and then I didn't know what else to buy anymore.

I've already saved up my usual portion, and that's there, the spare cash for my work clothes and shoes.

But where do I go and buy!!!!

I don't even have time to blog, let alone going out to shopping malls to shop wtf.

So if you're like me, today's Tuesdays iWANT is for you.

I don't know about your work place, but my work place is pretty casual when it comes to what we wear. As long as we don't appear in jeans, t-shirt, overly short dresses/skirts.... basically appropriately dressed up la.

That really helped me a lot in terms of thinking what to wear daily!

Today, I'm re-introducing Venusity.

That's right, regular readers would have already seen Venusity being featured for the past two TiW, and yes! They are back with their new collection!

I've actually set my eyes on some of these apparels. I show you.

This Polka Dotted dress ($25 mailed) particularly caught my eye because it is rather subtle, but yet refreshing! I tend to have preference towards stripes and dots... but stripes are difficult to handle because thick horizontal lines tend to make you look fatter than you would wish to.

Dots, on the other hand, are much easier to handle. Big dots make you look cute (I mean, generally!), while small dots make you look girly.

Because most of us work in an office, jackets are cardigans are extremely essential in our wardrobes. And because of the insane amount of magazines I have to digest everyday, you can be sure I know what are the 'in' stuff those celebrities are wearing!

Tell me, does the above Tie String Jacket look like this below?

And guess where this is from?

No prizes for guessing right, it is from my favourite store - Forever21!

At F21, this costs US$27.80. In Venusity, this merely costs $23. SGD some more.

I'm not telling you how much you're saving, you do the Math!

And my last favourite from this latest collection would be this V-neck Tunic ($23).

I REALLY like the white one, how about you!?

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