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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I know!! I've been away from this domain for quite a while... I hope Super-readers can hang on and bear with me for a moment, I'm still adjusting to working life, and I'm just so exhausted when I come back home.

But for now, I just want to spam you people pictures from last week. :P

Not much from my holidays though, unfortunately! I haven't had time to sit down to do any editing... and today, I just want to roll around in bed not doing anything and prepare for a bloody grand wedding tonight.

I was away in Phuket... Heehee. So much for the suspense, wtf right. It was a great getaway!

 Nian and I basically did nothing at all except to soak in our private outdoor jacuzzi (they upgraded us for free!), blasting music off our iPhones, talk nonsense, eat junk food, watched StarTrek, rented a scooter and scooted around Phuket Island, bought a one-day ticket to Phi Phi Island, snorkled (no diving because it was very expensive! It will cost as much as our hotel room for 5 days if Nian takes his licence there wtf), bargained, shopped, strolled along the neverending beaches...

Basically just spending time together because my previous Perth trip was rather fucked up la. :) I threw in one or two photos I got from my phone... the rest are still sleeping in my Lumix, waiting for me to retrieve them. :P

But when we got back, we got thrown into our routine life very quickly! Tuition classes (yes, I'm still giving tuition even though work has started for me.), soccer for Nian... But apart from that, Nian actually got nominated to take part in's abs competition!

Pictures are all credits from Holly, a blogger-friend-cum-judge of the competition! :)

Looking at the contestants in the final round.... I had this mental note that I need to feed Nian more. :P He is easily the leanest in the group!

But if I were the judge, I'd definitely let him win. (duh!) But not just because he is my husband, it was because of what he said when the emcee interviewed him:

"I'm an easy going guy who enjoys something fun and exciting... The reason why I train my body is.... for my wife."

The emcee was almost gagging in sheer disbelief or something wtf. I was so paiseh I wanted to hide behind the booths but legs got rooted to the ground... so I just gave a stupid smile and waved when the emcee asked for me. ("So, tell us, Jia Nian, where your beautiful wife is?")

Next time I know I wear more chio. Put on more make up lor.

So anyways, after rounds of online voting (I didn't know there would be online voting! Nian was too paiseh to tell me because he knew I was going to go around asking for votes for him :P so nobody knew, and nobody voted. And the winner, Sean, had like 200 over online votes!), public voting (Nian got a rather good number of votes, considering that I was the only one he knew there... so the rest were strangers voting for him! Should've brought our friends down.) and judges' decisions...

Sean, the winner. *GRAWWWWWWWW* (in an attempt to caption his facial expression)

We ended up bringing a Wii set home.

HAHAHA noooo la! Just kidding! Nian and I were just challenging one another in some boxing games... and yes I look incredibly dark liddis without Photoshop. -___-

I wanted to share the random movies Nian and I caught recently, since I haven't been posting a lot on the movies... But what do I say about them? Ok la, let me try.

We caught Due Date.

It was quite funny, this one. I especially like the scene in the air plane where Ethan Tramblay (Zach), through some really retarded moves, got Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) slotted in the no-fly list, and together, they made a bloody long way back from Dallas (I think, if I remember correctly) to LA.

I thought Ethan Tramblay was REALLY ANNOYING though... in the beginning. Until he showed his vulnerable side, he's actually not that bad afterall.

Then we caught The Piranhas 3D:

This movie.... sucks. Period. -___-

Nothing more to say. Don't bother to watch. Buy pirated DVDs also a complete waste of money.

Then The Reign of Assassins:

This movie is not too bad, if you watch it purely for the sword actions and kungfu moves. Otherwise... the plot is pretty lame.

I'm giving this a higher rating because there's Shawn Yue, whom I like! :P Da S's Taiwanese accent is a little off from the usual China-Chinese accent, but I think her role as a psychotic cold blood murderer works really well for her. Can watch.

Ok guys! My nasi lemak is ready to be eaten. That's all for today! I hope you all love my mish-mash random post HAHAHA. :)

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