[ADV] Liese, have you heard of them?

Friday, November 05, 2010

I think most of you girls would have heard of Liese from it's very popular bubble hair dye.


Yes, the one that would foam up like shampoo so that it will colour your hair evenly! Very innovative isn't it?

Well... today, I'm not telling you girls how good this bubble hair dye is. You must have somehow or another already tried it out.... so I'm presenting you Liese's other hair products instead.

But before I get started, anyone knows the correct pronunciation of Liese?

Is it "lease"? It is "lie-seh"? Is it "lissy"?

Well, pretty close. The correct way of pronouncing Liese, is "Li-say".

So now, have you seen this product before?


Well great if you have, but it's not too late if you haven't!

You see, I was given a sample of this Liese Wave-up Foam to give it a go at it. Liese Wave-up Foam is available in 3 different bottles, 01, 02 and 03. ($6.90 for 50ml, $12.90 for 150ml)

Depending on what kind of curls you want to your hair, you pick your wave form!

I love dynamic, curly hair because I love the volume it gives me. So I use Wave-up Foam 03.

Let's put it to a test!

Yeah, my curls kinda died in like 2 weeks after I permed them. -___- I do hope Liese's Wave-up Foam can at least bring them back somewhat to life!

First, I squeezed a dallop on my palm. It looks just like those styling foams we use day to day!

So what I did was that I scrunched them up because I was too lazy to blow my hair.... Hee.

Here's the right way of what you should do, say for example you want to do something liddis:

Very pretty right! I'm gonna have this hair on my sis-in-law's wedding! :D

So this is what you do. Not scrunch scrunch like me please...... :O

You can see more styles here.

Not much of a difference because I believe it's due to my lack of motivation to blow my hair. :X BUT, even with the lack of the hairdryer, if you place two photos side by side, the difference is still pretty much observable.

You could see that my hair has at least some form of volume after I scrunched them with the Wave-Up Foam. You'd be sure I will whip out my mighty hair-dryer this coming weekend for the wedding dinner! :P

An alternative hair product you can use from Liese.... If you're as lazy as me on really lazy days like a public holiday (lol), you can use Liese's Juicy Shower! ($14.90)


This Juicy Shower is really dead easy to use. You don't need any hair-dryer, don't need any combs, you don't need anything else, really.


And it smells of raspberries! Raspberries always make me hungry... nomnomnom.

You could win yourselves a Kao hamper and Liese products when you vote for me because... I always like to share my winnings!

Just to end this off, here's thesamplestore's new teaser video. So cute la! <3

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