[ADV] Banana Boat and us to Phuket!

Monday, November 22, 2010

So my previous post had us at Phi Phi Island snorkeling, eating seafood, exploring the island.... Basically just another laid back island with loads of sea breeze.

And with sea breeze, comes sunshine!

I know a lot, a lot of girls are trying to keep away from the sun because it makes us dark... Not that I think being dark is a bad thing, I was kinda born dark, you see! But the cons of being dark means you have to change the shade of your foundation and concealer, being dark means you have a chance of getting those uneven pigmentation... and being dark may not be something you want at all!

Thesamplestore, together with Energizer, has showered me with a whole lot of sunscreen just before I left for Phuket. Thanks guys! These sunscreen really came just in time! :D


So the delivery man appeared at my doorstep one day, and dropped off 3 different samples, along with a bright yellow waterproof bag to store them all!

I love yellow please. Even though people think I look like a banana in it. <3

Actually, any colour you wear, people will have things to say one la. If they don't like you, even if you're dressed in gold, they will say, "You look like a gold bar, hahaha."

Ok not funny.

At the top left hand corner is the Faces Sunscreen Lotion with SPF23. (RP $15.60)

Energizer praises it as an oil-free sunscreen, so it will not clog any pores. It is also able to double up as make up base! With an SPF of only 23, I think it's suitable for daily wear if you stay in the office, with occasional walks to the food center.

I brought this Banana Boat Faces Sunscreen Lotion out for my Phi Phi Trip, and topped it up with my usual Za foundation, which already consisted SPF20.


Very creamy texture, and it's easy to apply. In fact, if you're a frequent user of Banana Boat, you would be pleasantly surprised that it is not as sticky and as thick as before. This is the new formulation for our Asian tropical, humid climate! :D

I'm sure nobody needs any teaching on applying sunscreens, right!?!?

Then, I whipped out the Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion (RP $13.90) out for the rest of my body. This Sport Sunscreen Lotion has a way higher SPF as compared to the Faces counterpart, at SPF50!

It consists of this AvoTriplex Technology, which basically is a latest patented unique technology that helps prevent the skin from getting sunburn and premature ageing. This technology also helps your sunscreen to stay longer in the sun!

The texture is similar to Faces.

The last Banana Boat I'm introducing today, is the Banana Boat Vitamin E Lip Balm with SPF 30 (RP $4.95).

Vitamin E is very vital in protecting your body against harmful UV rays. Along with Aloe Vera in the lip balm, Banana Boat's lip balm promises to restore ugly, chapped lips into red, pretty ones.

Now you can have awesome, luscious red lips without any lipstick! :D

Time to protect yourself from the sun, really. You'd definitely not wanna look like 50 when you turn 25! D:

And of course, Banana Boat will be having sales up to 25% off for this coming festive season in major retail stores. Go stock them up before your year-end holiday! :D

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