Weekends don't count unless you do something completely pointless

Monday, October 18, 2010

And that is what Bill Watterson once said.

I think it's perfectly right! I look forward to every weekend because that means I can roll around in bed with Mr. Bolster (aka the husband), watch Doraemon on Channel 8 (or issit U? Whatever.), blast music from the laptop (will blast the hi-fi set once we are living on our own! ;p).....

And doing completely nothing else.

I had Sushi Tei on Friday. Without the husband.

Not a very good wife because my husband is very busily working, but was happily eating our favourite crab fried rice. :P

But ahhhh. I had a day off because I needed to take my second dose of HPV jab you see....

The first one hurt like... not really like a bitch. Something lesser than that. It recovered in 3 days, but my left arm was completely immobilized. And I couldn't teach god damn it.

I was so distracted by the sore I had to keep swearing every now and then when I move. -___-

So this time, I took the day off completely.

And I grabbed my XY out for lunch before she flies off for her honeymoon!

(Yeah, she's away with Kevin Lee basking in the sun somewhere............ :D I'm missing you btw, if you're reading this, jie!)

Back to my HPV jab, this time, it hurt like a friggin bitch.

Not the jab itself, but the after effects of it. Technically, it was supposed to hurt lesser (as per XY and Nian) in the second shot but what the hell, my jab swelled up within hours!!!

I looked like I had a MAJOR LEVEL 99 mosquito bite I tell you. And it was so painful, I couldn't even touch it! T_____T

Nian had to bring me out for some kungfu movie to distract me from the pain.... and the lack of sleep because I am used to sleeping on my left, and I couldn't do it for like 3 friggin days. -____-

Btw, this Chen Zhen movie is really not bad. We were pretty hyped and almost sitting at the edge of our seats when we watch him fight.....

Except that he REALLY reminds us of Batman in his black suit wtf.


Maybe the only difference is the lack of cape and pointy ears for Chen Zhen.

Then after the movie, we headed back home to prepare our masks for my sis-in-law's Masquerade Wedding in a few weeks' time.

I think having a theme for wedding is a superbly elaborate affair. Takes a lot of time, money and effort to make it all work out IMO!

I think if Nian and I are going to have a theme, the theme would be casual. Hahaha! People can come in berms! :P

But... who knows, I may change my mind. We still have some time to go until next year!

I think our wedding works liddis: (for now)
  • Jac and Nian thinks of having a fuss-free wedding
  • But Jac wants a nice entrance. Preferably with a piano and our song for march-in
  • Jac and Nian didn't want gate crashing
  • But Jac and Nian then think with no gate crashing, then there's no point for morning express videos.
  • If there's no morning express videos/gate crashing, then there's no need for 'brothers' and 'sisters' because there wouldn't be anything for them to do anyway!
  • Then if there's no morning express videos, we will need other forms of visuals - probably childhood montage (YAWNS maximum) or some how-we-met montage. Or wedding photos montage (which is like duh because our wedding album would be outside during reception, so why the hell would they wanna see it again)
  • Jac thinks how Nian and Jac met was funny enough to tell our guests. But everyone is having cartoon-comic style..... and she is not creative or informed enough to find another style.
  • So now, Jac and Nian have not decided to engage a videographer for the event or not. Since there may not be any morning express. Nobody would want to watch the day's highlights like 2 weeks later. Maybe except us. (which we don't mind, really.)
  • Jac thinks it's too early to worry about this now, but everyone is telling her that she should book her videographer IF they want a videographer NOW because it is less than 1 year to our dinner.

Looks like having a fuss-free wedding dinner isn't so fuss-free afterall. :O

But today, we are not really discussing about our wedding. It's my sis-in-law's wedding we are talking about and because we watched The Return of Chen Zhen earlier on, I was inspired to make a pair of black mask ala Chen Zhen for her wedding dinner HAHAHAHA.

It was not easy ok. At least for someone like me, who is not exactly very good with craft work. I mean, I can draw to a certain extend (stickmen, and digestive systems from my previous Bio education), but when it comes to cutting, sticking, painting.....

I end up having more paint on my hands than I have them on paper. -____-

My SIL helped me quite a bit on this part, considering that we literally made all these masks from scratch... i.e. 1 A4 piece of paper wtf.

If you're interested in making a mask for the upcoming Halloween, you could actually read her tutorial here. I think she will really appreciate it if you leave her a comment when you download her template, or at least, credit her.

So urm anyways, SIL helped me with the cutting and folding of the template that she came up with, harden it and poster-coloured it to black for me.

I did my part by painting the stick, and it made me really hungry cuz it looked like Pocky wtf.

And because the only thing I am good at is blinging stuff (experience from blinging nonsense wtf), I decided to bling our masks.

Please don't make me DIY my own wedding dinner. I'd hate people to be bringing home my ugly outcomes... and I can't even do ONE properly. Let alone to mass produce like over 300 pieces. :O

Ok bye.

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