The Uncle Sam's Claypot!

Friday, October 22, 2010


So Wednesday was a happy day because Kevin and XY came back from their honeymoon and I had a great time gushing over their beautiful pictures!

Sigh, wish we could save up enough for our honeymoon soon enough! I'm pretty adamant to not name any of our trips our honeymoon, until we finally save up enough to go to Manchester AND watch a winning Man Utd game. :p

I met up with XY on Thursday after my interview because I was mad happy! I got offered a job on the spot, with God's grace!

I usually don't thank God very often for things like these but I'm glad that everything went smoothly, and I didn't freak out like what I usually do during interviews.

You know, like I ALWAYS get stuck when they ask questions like "What are your greatest achievements so far?"

I honestly don't think I've achieved much, unless you consider getting a degree (which probably another 80% of the population has, and 50% of the people scores better than me), or getting a driver's licence (which like another 80% of the people have too)....

I guess my life is pretty average.....

But how can you answer, "My life is pretty average, I have no achievements," in your interview?!

Anyways, I am just glad to be able to clinch a job as soon as I graduated officially! My pockets are getting a little dry already.......


So, lunch!

XY was craving for some claypot rice so we went along Uncle Sam's Claypot in the CBD! (And yeah, I am officially a CBD-dweller now!)

XY ordered the claypot rice, while I ordered plain rice....... :O

Nah, just kidding. I ordered plain rice with breaded prawn, which was good!

I mean, the prawns were good but the rice was terrible. It was so hard... it felt like it was semi-cooked. T____T

It comes up to about $10 per person, which I think it's pretty average for food in the business district.... And that is what I'm worried about too.

Nian thinks I should at least pack some breakfast with me so that I will only spend one meal a day at work. I think it's quite a good idea, except that that would mean I would have to wake up relatively early to cook. :P

Another bad thing is that... it would be hard for him to pick me up because of the crazyyyyy ERP charges!

Not that this is going to discourage me or anything, I'm sure I can always meet him somewhere less busy after work.... :)

And I'm glad this time, our working hours are going to be similar. You know, giving tuition was relatively slack, since I only work like 3-5 hours every day on average. But most of the time, I would be working on evenings, and so we spend very little time together.

I really think this working journey is really gonna be freaking awesome. Meeting new people, dealing with new clients, save loads of money, savour my first 13th month in a year's time..... and the awesome things I'm going to learn, every single day.

It's not gonna be a bed of roses, but I can foresee that I'm going to be very happy moving towards our goals of building a comfortable home, a cozy wedding... and accumulating experiences like these. :D


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  1. hey congrats on getting yr job! I'm working in CBD area too, not too sure where you work at. But there's always Amoy market, Lao pa sat, the bridge near DBS bank and many other places that sells nice food for cheap price. You'll find them 1 by 1 :) Btw which area do u work at?

  2. I work near Lao Pa Sat area! How about you? Hahaha maybe we can meet up for lunch... if I'm not overwhelmed with work! :D

  3. Thanks dear, you're lucky too!!

    Great to see that you've started working toooo!! <3


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