Tuesdays iWANT #7 - Aphrodila, the goddess of love & beauty in fashion

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey everyone!

I wonder why ever since I moved to blogspot, people start to leave lesser comments. :( Is it because it is harder to leave a comment? Or is it that the layout is not pleasing to the eye? (Or am I not funny anymoreeeeeee T____T)

I'm quite lonely these days because there's no comments -> no one to talk to! Please feel free to leave a comment, be it good or bad! It's scary to see the stats climing, but no one is talking.... :\ (I feel like I'm talking to myself and everyone is watching me do so wtffff)


For today's Tuesdays iWANT, I am bringing you girls another blogshop that you can shop from! I hope these past TiW have been rather useful for you girls, introducing anything and everything a girl would like.

If all these fashion, hair care and skin care doesn't appeal to you, then you must tune in to next week's TiW because it is specially for those geeks at heart! :D

So ladies, let's give today's limelight to Aphrodila!

Aphrodila comes from Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Apt to its name, you would expect to find loads of pretty pieces from their 3 collections!

Let me share what caught my eye, and maybe it may catch your eyes too =)

I like this Polka Dottie Skirt ($27) because I think it's a good skirt for weekends! Just pair it with a tank top and thick belt and you'd be good to go for a picnic date!

I also like this Alexander Wang Inspired Dress ($36) because of the unique peek-a-boo at the back... and as all of you girls know, I'm a sucker for lace. *sheepish grin*

This Goddess Dress ($28) is really pretty too! I spy the one in green! This design is really popular in Aphrodila, most of the colours are running low in stock (green only has 2 left!), so be sure to snap one up if you see the colour you like! :D

These are some other great finds I found in their latest collection:

Like this Bare Naked Dress ($30), I *just* saw it in F21 in another colour! I think this nudish brown is a great alternative colour, especially for dark-skins like me. Black don't really sit well with me, so brown/grey is definitely the colour dark-skinned people like me should choose. :D

How about some edgy Gaga Executive ($32) to start your day off in the office? I'm kinda into long sleeves nowadays!

Last dress to end off today's TiW, has to be the gorgeous maxi dresses.

Sigh~ how I love maxi dresses. And when maxi dresses comes with lace details.... Sigh x 100 <3 This Maxi Loving is going for $38.


To enjoy discounts off your total bill (excluding postage fees), all you need to do is to refer friends to Aphrodila's mailing list!
Here's how it works:

You get 5% off the bill when you refer 10 friends, 10% when you refer 20, and 20% off when you refer 30 and above!

It's quite simple, really. Your friends won't even need to do any purchases, just give them the chance to take a look at Aphrodila's awesome pieces, and at the same time, you get your discounts for your purchases.

This is the epic example of 1 stone kills 2 birds, so what are you girls waiting for? :D

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