Tuesdays iWANT #6 - Fall in Love with Amelie-Anne!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morning guys! Today's TiW is scheduled really early because I'd be out the entire day, with my schedule beginning with Epson's product launch! I'm pretty excited at how the turn out is gonna be later on, so more on that on it's scheduled TiW!

So who is going to be featured on today's TiW?

Hint: It will be a blogshop because it has been almost a month since we last seen pretty clothes isn't it? :D

Today, I'm bringing you guys another awesome blogshop in this massive blogsphere: Amelie-Anne!!!

Amelie-Anne has been around for quite a while, and they are currently at their 13th collection. Their 14th collection will be coming up really soon, so be sure to keep a look out for it!

Why shop at Amelie-Anne?

1. High quality apparels

Let's take a look at some of Amelie-Anne's apparels:

I particularly like this Gigi Vintage Button Top ($23) because I think it's so Chanel inspired! I'm sure I've seen a similar design off Chanel before........!

And even though it is white/cream, you can see that the top is of high quality and does not wrinkle easily.

Pair it with the Eugenia High Waisted Shorts (U.P. $23, NOW $16.50!) and you'd be ready to rock the streets!

2. Chic

I like this Studded Tube Dress ($16.50 only!) as well! Girly, but those square metal bits also spells "Do not mess with me, I've got iron chest!"

Ok just kidding. I think those metal square bits add an edge to the otherwise boring, usual M-shaped tubes, don't you think so?

Choosing between white and gunmetal blue is alike to choosing a safe guy, or an adventurous and daring one.

If you have too much whites, I think gunmetal blue is a good choice of alternatives!

3. Uniquely different

This rose pink Kiera Shirt ($23) is also a head-turner. Made from chiffon, it is light and "airy". I don't know what is a better material for clothes in such a humid weather here in Singapore, honestly!

Camisoles are advised, and if you don't have it (how could you!?!), you can always purchase it together with Amelie-Anne to save on your postages. =)

Of course, if you're always looking for something different from the usual, why not pair it with a pretty pair of bikini and aviators, and you could strut down the beach in a different 'feel' altogether!

Green Rosette Clutch Bag ($25) is available for sale as well, with 3 different carrying methods.

Some of these prices are not final, that means all of you girls who are reading this space is entitled to discounts! :D :D

Please quote THESUPERGIRL to qualify for $1 off for all non-promotional items. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed today's TiW, more on other stuff later!

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  1. ohhh i <3 the Gigi Vintage Button Top!! but i dun think i can wear! :(

    the gunmetal blue is chio chio!

  2. Haha! Boobies too big la Tiff!! ;p Maybe you can check their PTP. Should be ok laaaaa!

    I'm considering getting the gunmetal blue dress, $16.50 is quite a steal leh. ;p

  3. I like the high-waist shorts, but then I dun have waist !@#$%^

  4. Hahaha! Silly woman! How about wearing a loose top to go with high waisted shorts? That will make the waist more prominent! :)


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