Tuesdays iWANT #5 - Essential Serum!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Do you wake up with hair like this........?

I think I remembered telling you guys that I have really, really wavy hair. And this is fresh off the bed a few mornings back lolol. You can now imagine how chui I look every morning!

That's why I'm always thankful I still bagged myself a nice man despite the above cannot-make-it look. ;p

If you have messy, unkempt hair like me, today I'm gonna introduce you your hair-saviour.

What's that?

That's an Essential Anti-Frizz serum!

Here's a larger picture of it so that it is easy for you to get. (Don't want to get also nevermind! Later you can win. ;p)

The little sleek bottle has a nozzle spray head, so all you have to do, is to squirt some onto your palm as shown above. Not bad right, my self timer ;p

The texture for the anti-frizz serum is rather watery, so that it is easily absorbed.

I need new manicure. T____T

This is one moment where I feel like f-ing my life because I saw so many other bloggers have beautiful long hair that they can apply so easily. Why I backside itchy go cut my hair fml. T____T

But, the good thing about this Essential serum is that it actually nourishes up to the last 15cm of your hair. Technically, if you have slightly longer than shoulder hair, the hair at the lowest end is about 1 year older than those on your scalp, you know?

And common sense: The older you get, the more nourishment you need.

I'm quite glad I only have about 15cm of hair because that means all parts of my hair gets nourished! Yay! Un-fml!

There's also the orange bottle, which is the Nourishing Care Lotion serum.

Both of these serum contain High Purity Honey Oil and Ultra Shine Essence to provide all-day softness, manageability (Nourishing Care) and Smooth and bouncy hair (Anti-frizz).

So here's the AFTER picture from Essential Anti-Frizz serum:

Suddenly become chio-er wtf. :D

Putting the before and after picture.... wa. Difference much. :O

KAO has also very generously provided the above two ranges for us bloggers to play around with. I've so far started on the pink range, which is the Nuance Airy range. I'm aiming for smooth and bouncy hair all day long!


If you'd like to be one of the 20 lucky winners to walk away with one Essential serum of your choice, all you need to do is to go to thesamplestore.sg's facebook page and LIKE a before and after picture.

I think you will stand more chance in winning if you vote for me (93rd of 97 images) because I'll constantly be hoping that you will lose if you vote for someone else so that people who voted for me will win..... so you get the drift!

I've just sent in my picture, so.... I think it should be up, hopefully!

You need to like thesamplestore.sg first before you can vote though, but it's quite an easy task to win yourself the 60ml Essential serum that would cost $10.60!

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