Today is a happy day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Tuesday was a happy day too. And so was yesterday.

In short, I think this week has been a really awesomely smashingly great week I haven't had for a long, long time!

Let's start with Tuesday. Monday was nothing much, it was just me, and my jittery self waiting for Tuesday to come. Besides, my XY was away for her honeymoon so I was pretty lonely too. (You guys don't know how often we talk, hahaha!)

So on Tuesday, my bunch of crazy classmates and I officially graduated. Like YAY!!!

I think I have quite a couple of pictures of me in regalias, (I have one more when I graduated from Kindergarten HAHAHA), this was back in 2008 with the Principal of Singapore Poly. Mai siao siao hor, I was one of the valedictorian speakers ok! :P

But this is the first time I'm wearing a motar board officially.

Anyways, I was quite retarded. Because it was my first time with this regalia, and the first time I am wearing a motar board.... I have no idea which direction my "hairy" portion of the motar board should go.

Most of the time, it kept flinging into my eyes when I turn my head around laughing at my classmates, or with my mom and dad. -____-

And.... you would also realize that this picture looks ridiculously weird because....

I put my hands through the wrong hole.

Yes, please laugh. I deserve for being laughed at. T____T

The thing is, we were not told how to wear the regalia properly before the ceremony began. So, I initially wore it correctly.... until my mom saw many other people putting their hands through this upper hole.

Thinking that I must be wrong, she told me to "correct" it. And me..... being totally retarded, also think that I am definitely wrong, did what she told me to. HAHAHAHAHA.

So all pictures before the ceremony all look stupid because of my sleeves!

Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, this beautiful woman beside me is Piya. She's the best teacher in town! (No, I'm not paid to say that, she gave me 1 mark short of Distinction some more lor that lao shi!)

But to be honest, I think my last semester rocked socks because we spent a lot, a lot of time with her. My PR skills like powered up from Level 0 to MAJOR LEVEL 99 in 1 semester, trust me.

And I've never enjoyed a PR module so much that I knew I had to do PR as soon as I graduate.

And what's a graduation without the husband? :D

Poor man had to rush down from work so as to make it in time for my convocation. Much love!!! <3

(I still think my stupid arms are damn stupid).

So we headed into the function room for our ceremony to begin:

This was super nerve-wrecking because I was the first few to be going up, I was afraid that I may trip, my heels may come off, or my motar board may fall out of my head. -___-

And I had to constantly tell myself to walk slowly, because my husband will be at the bottom of the stage taking pictures and if I just ZOOM ZOOM, then pictures will look like shit.

But he very smart, he used multi-shots! I have like a series of photos of me walking up the stage, across the stage and down the stage! I could even make it into a gif if I want to.... that smart man.

Andrew Loy dared me to shuffle up the stage you know! Luckily I didn't do it, otherwise when it was his turn and he didn't do it, I would be totally embarrassed forever. T___T

Oh btw, thank you for cheering! I cheered for you too so you MUST have cheered for me, hahahaha!

Part of my favourite classmates. =D

Uhm.... flowers and bear both not mine! I borrowed them to take pictures HAHAHAHA. I was like asking Nian in front of everyone, "Baby! Why you never buy flowers and bear for me! You see everyone have leh!"

And he retorted, "Eh! You have husband leh! You ask the rest have husband or not!"

You should see how stunned the rest of my classmates were. ;p

And I HAD to give him a big hug!

Venture Comms girls, short of Lynnette and Audrey :(

This looks like the school of Hogwarts wtf.

And Steph's still hogging onto Angela's bear. -__________-

I had my mom and dad to wear the motar board as well! You see, my parents work very hard to support me through uni. Even though this amount of money was borrowed from my dad and I will eventually return it back to him, he still worked very hard to support me through my studies.

And I'm very proud of them too. Even though they have had not much education, I think they deserve the motar board as much as I do.

I don't wanna post any pictures of them, because all of us know there are crazy people wanting to find out every bits and pieces of my life. But you can see Nian in my motar board instead!

Thank you for being around through my studies! For listening to me whine about the amount of workload, to the people I've met....

Now I can't wait for YOUR convo to come so that we can finally throw each other's motar boards!

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  1. shucks i should have taught you how to wear both gown and mortar board!! sorry my bad!

  2. You totally forgot about me!!! >:( I am Venture Comms girl too!!

  3. Tiffany, hahaha! It's ok, I won't get it wrong in the photoshoot then!

    Audrey, I meant graduated! You graduated with us~~~ except Lynnette! Awwww come on 宝贝!:)))

    Pebzz, thanks dearie!!


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