Spending Friday In Town

Friday, September 10, 2010

I don't remember when was the last time I was in town!

Days have been really hectic for me ever since I came back from my holidays (too free then, too busy now wtf), and when I briefly felt too lazy to use my organizer for a while.... I mixed up my appointments.

You see, I thought the polymates are meeting today, so I skipped off happily to meet XY..... Only to have Michael calling me asking me where I was, fml.

Sorry guys! I promise I will make it up to you all by organizing the next one! (And then you all can bail out on me and I can eat alone T____T)

So XY brought me to Ramen Play for dinner.

Initially when she mentioned the name I was like "WTF jie do you mean Ramen Place or Ramen Play?!?"

Ramen Play sounds like a badly pronounced of the former, isn't it? ;p

Anyways, according to XY, the ramen was pretty good. And I was kinda surprised that it was full house when we got there, and we had to queue for about 15 minutes or so before we got a seat.

By then, I was pretty hungry!

We chopped chopped ordered the dishes, and the waitress checked, and re-checked with us. Turns out, after the confirmation and re-confirmation, she left out one portion of the braised eggs we ordered.

And she missed out that we told her we'll be paying by POSB/DBS so we would be wanting some Takoyaki balls as well.

Food was served fast and good, I think we merely waited for 10 minutes maximum before food came streaming onto our table. I had the pork katsu ramen, and the pork katsu was very good!

A little pepperish though, but I didn't mind it.

Green tea refill was pretty alright, but I didn't like it when I was drinking halfway, the waitress came and asked me if I wanted to fill my glass. Like.... wait for me to finish drinking a bit....... can?

After the filling dinner, we strolled around Somerset 313, laughing at nothing in particular. =)

I thought it was fun you know! Like we just crack random jokes and then the 2 of us will burst out laughing!

We headed to Alley Bar and spent the remaining time there, sipping Heineken (and she, Hoegaarden), and talking about work and life.

I think this is how a good Friday should be spent, a good friend, good food, good beer..... Although I would definitely wish that Nian was around too!

Talking about Nian...... he'll be finally back today! Yay!

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