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Saturday, October 23, 2010

So last night, my husband asked if I was keen on going on a run with him this morning.

Is he kidding me? Of course I am keen!

We've been talking about having a run together for the longest time, but because he is still bogged down by work, school work, soccer and exams, we didn't actually proceed with the plan for a good 2-3 months.

He finished his last paper last night! :D

So this morning, we woke up at 7, prepared ourselves, and we rode down to MacRitchie. Because there was a tree-top trail that was opened about 6 years back but we've yet visited it, we decided to ditch the usual run route and took the tree-top trail instead!

It wasn't a very good decision for me, I tell you.

For one, the slopes were a killer. I haven't been training a lot on slopes and most of my runs are on rather flat grounds, so you can imagine how my legs screamed in agony when I took the steps.... :O


And through this video, you can hear how hard I was panting. -___-

I really couldn't run anymore! The slope was like so steep, I think it could be comparable to the 6.0 inclination on my threadmill machine at home T_____T

I've never ran any inclinations in any of my threadmill runs, by the way. :P

Eventually, after like 4KM of up slopes. (There were down-slopes but it was so little it was negligible, fml.) We finally reached the Tree-top walk!

It was fun, but I was being a scaredy cat because my legs were wobbly from the run... and I was afraid my knees would buckle. :P

After walking through the 250m of tree-top walk, we resumed our walk/jog... until we saw like FLIGHTS OF STAIRS AGAIN.

Oh my god, I really had to swear under my breath because my legs were SO heavy, it refused to move!

It eventually did, of course. Had to push myself really, really hard... and it was embarrassing when I jogged past the MR25 runners. -____-

Why issit like so easy for them to run on those rocks ah!??!?

Sigh. I felt so weak beside them. I was nearing to my 8KM and them? They probably did 5 times cross-country in the same timing I clocked or something. -___-

Anyways, it was definitely a fantastic workout. My thighs are still sore while I am typing this, and my head is throbbing.... and I'm blaming the haze for it. ;p

Shall we do this next week again, honey? :D

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