October, the month where many of my favourite people +1!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I think majority of my friends either have their birthdays in August, September or October. Seriously!

Either that or I must be getting REALLY well with the Leos, Virgos and the Scorpios. :P

Last week, the Tuesday Girls met up again and this time, we celebrated Kat's birthday!

It was great fun, it wasn't too long ago that we last met up, but why do I keep thinking that it has been AGES?

Anyways, 2nd Japanese for us this time round, organized by our beloved Vonny. :D It would be my turn to organize the next meet up, and I'm bringing the girls to eat crabs, WOOHOO!

This time, both Max and Bear came along, so it was crowded! But good, because Max was really funny with his Hokkien it totally amused me to no end. ;p

Nian was having his last paper, so poor boy couldn't join us for some Japanese goodness. :(

So after Kat's birthday, I was then very busy preparing for both Mama Chan's birthday, and my XY's birthday!

I cannot imagine how coincidental this is. 2 of my favourite people sharing the same birthday!

Some of the words are blocked cuz I quite stupid. I edited with Photoscape first then put it into frames..... LOL.

Anyways, I did XY's cake from The Icing Room. It's quite fun you know! I had a great time drawing and eating away my mistakes..... :P

I ordered the chocolate one, which wasn't too bad la, in my opinion.

Except that it was too hard. -___- I think it was cuz our little fridge was too little to store 2 cakes, XY's ended up in the freezer HAHAHAHAHA.

Here's some retarded videos for you to laugh at. We're quite stupid when we're alone, apparently.

Ok. Ok. ME. I'm quite stupid when I'm alone with them, really! ;p

There are 2 parts to the video cuz it was too long and... yah. Too long liao~

Took some nice pictures with the husband and wife... and realized that they are indeed totally opposite.

Hor?!?? One so tanned, one quite fair. One super tall, one not very tall.

Ok, to be fair, they are physically opposite. And I think opposites attract very well! See Nian and I, I'm so fat, he's so skinny; but we love each other perfectly!

WTF it rhymes. -___-

The 2 of us, with my loveliest god sister in the world......



(That's why I give jiao-been. Bird face.)

Of course, after celebrating XY's day, Nian and I then zoomed-zoomed back home to surprise my mom!

It was quite funny, really.

Mom thought none of us remembered her birthday because no one (yes, not even dad!) wished her Happy Birthday at all!

So she was feeling quite sad la, like "wtf no one remembers my birthday fml", Nian went to buy our favourite Lychee Martini cake, lit up the candles, and ran into the house with me screaming the birthday song.

My younger sis followed behind screaming with me, and it was really a funny sight! She was like "WHOA SIAO!" and then burst out laughing. :D

I'm glad I could make people's day like this. Especially people who matters a lot to me. =)

Really, these people are the ones who walk into my life, just as some other people who don't mean anything walks out. Sigh. What have I done to deserve all of you. =)

Happy belated birthday to 3 of you girls once again!!! I love you!

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