My Last Day in Perth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was scheduled to fly off only at night, and Nian only needed to spend half day in school. We made full use of the time to spend the "last moments" in Perth by going to some last minute places.

At the end of the day, I was super pleased because we've completed almost all of the places I had planned for, except for Rottnest Island, which was too expensive to fit into our budget, and King's Park, which we didn't have time to explore.

Sigh, I think I'm a born planner. I love planning, especially for holidays. I love reading up places of interests, what is nice to eat, what are the must-see. I won't say I'm really good at planning for other things (like for example, our wedding! >.<), but I'm really, really enthusiastic when it comes to planning a holiday. ;p

I think if you don't plan, you just plan to waste your precious holiday time either on wondering where you should go, or end up wasting time travelling because a map wouldn't tell you which bus/train you should take.

More often than not, when the map shows that it is rather near to a particular place, Nian and I found out that that kinda "near", is probably 1 hour's drive away. -___-

Another thing people often take for granted are the store's opening hours, IMO. The thing is, many people take it for granted that their opening hours should be similar to that of Singapore's, and so, it didn't occur to them that they should check.

For one, I know Australia's shops usually don't open until it is 11-12PM, Taiwan's shops only open at 12PM, and won't close until 11PM.

I usually pride myself for being prepared that way, and urm.. yes. I also have downloaded maps in my iPhone, just in case we get lost and there is no internet connection. *sheepish grin*

I know! Kiasu maximum right! ;p

But that's me, that's the way I travel. I like to be prepared because we are away from familiarity, and when shit happens, shit happens. Maybe that's why Momsy is ok with us travelling alone... because that's the way we work. We can take care of ourselves. :)

Anyways! Our plan for the last day in Perth was to head down to Perth City, grab some bubble tea, food, walk around, then head on to Harbourtown for some last minute shopping before I finally kiss Nian goodbye.

But that man has other plans.

He drove the unsuspecting me down to Fremantle.. and I was like, "Baby? Where are we going?"

And he said, "Let's go to your school!!!!"

So there we were, at Murdoch University.

It was very exciting to be in school proper!

It took us quite a while to locate my school - the School of Communications. I even had to call back to Tiffany to check with her if we were at the right place. ;p

Thank goodness the student services were very nice, even though I was an international student, they took effort to direct and all.

And guess what? I saw Piya's picture on the notice board! And saw our winning team for Campaign Management's pictures as well!

At least this puts me in a peace of mind.... that I am not in some pseudo international school taking fake certs. ;p

Nian then drove us down to Harbourtown for some last minute shopping. Saw LOADS of stuff I like, but didn't get because we need to keep our budget in check!

There was this really pretty Oakleys you know.... :( But nevermind! I'm sure I'd have a chance to head back there again. :)

Nian bought me two pairs of Nike Zoom Bold Sister+ shoes, but because I only have one pair of legs, I wouldn't need 2 pairs of shoes.

Yup! I'm usually very contented with the existing number of shoes I have. I spoil one, I buy one to replace..... so that my shoe rack will not have a population explosion. But this time... let's take it as an exception. :p


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  1. you wore that dress to murdoch!! its like bringing ME to the uni!! awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks babe!! :)

    heh i was still thinking wth is this +61 4xx xxx xxx number!!! :P

  2. Yah! I wad thinking "cannot be what! Tiff CFM recognize +61 numbers one lor! :p

    Does seeing Murdoch campus again make u miss school? :)

  3. problem is, i got 1 cousin and 2 friends who are in brisbane AND 3 of them are using +61 numbers! then i was wondering who is this foreign +61 number thats like calling me non-stop! sorrys babe, totally forgot to register you are in perth! think it didnt occur to me that you would call, so im like ?_?

    NO WAY! haha i miss perth, not miss school. :P but i had alot of fun in school. the whole place looks EXACTLY the same when i left it 4 years ago lor!

  4. Yeah! The people are fun IMO! I love how they laze around in the central courtyard eating sandwiches.

    We wanted to get food there, but dunno what is good leh! So in the end we headed to Harbourtown for lunch.

    But to be honest, I think I prefer Brisbane to Perth. Joondalup is awesomely quiet, but I dunno how to survive without good bubble tea -____-


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