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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey look! This is my first post in blogspot, so here's a warm welcome to everyone!

Let's begin the first post in this brand new page with something happy, shall we? :D

We spent my last Sunday in Perth going to the Caversham National Park. It was an exciting trip because it was rather hard to navigate to the destination with our super lousy map (we took the free ones because we were too stingy to spend money on those super huge and detailed maps ;p), and on our way, we saw raging forest fire!

We're not sure if the fire was done on purpose or not though. It will be terrible if it's arson, isn't it? :O

The guys managed to get their tickets cheap because they've got their student passes with them. And my student pass was not valid because I've already graduated! In the end, the 2 of them (Raymond and Nian) paid students' rate at $15, while I had to pay the full price at $22. T_____T

That being said, I think it's quite worth the money! We spent close to 4 hours in the park, looking at every animals we can imagine. Those birds there were really amazing, you know!

 And of course, we cannot go to Australia without seeing koalas, right! :D

Koalas sleep an average of 20 hours a day, so with only the 4 hours they are awake, I think only a particular group of tourists would be able to see them feeding. The three of us caught them crawling around the Eucalyptus tree just before the enclosure was opened!

But by the time when we finished touring the entire ground and back to the enclosure, the koalas are already deep in slumber. :(

I'd love to carry one of them! (Actually, I used to do it when I was younger, but that was in Brisbane. I'm pretty sure not every wildlife park will allow us to stress those koalas like that.)

In the Caversham Park there was this kangaroo enclosure.

We were pretty "trained" by then to not get overly excited when the roos appear, afterall, the number of roos in the enclosure was nothing compared to those we've seen in Pinnaroo!

But we were squealing in excitement when an albino one came along though. He was so white, he looked like an oversized bunny!


We visited some animal shows after that and played with an orphaned joey-roo, rubbed the tummy of a wombat, took pictures with pretty birds.....

It was really fun!

We also saw a terrified quokka in the park, which was really good luck because we had intended to head down to Rottnest Island to go look at them..... but we aborted the idea because the tickets were too expensive zomg. -_____-

So talking about the terrified quokka, he was so afraid of Nian and the camera, he kept hiding his face in his feet, that poor thing! There was no way we could cajole him (I'm assuming it's a he...... ;p) to look up, le sigh.

I also have a ridiculously priceless expression with me staring at the bird in amusement...... All because he attempted to peck my face just seconds before he gave that innocent face!

Whoa, once I saw the picture I was like, "Eh! Mai geh siao hor!"

After the meet-the-animals session, we moved on to the Farm section..... which was horribly smelly gosh.

Ok to be fair, those donkeys and bunnies and chicks are really not that smelly. It was only dead stinky when we walked out to the barn, where the sheeps/does/cows/goats are.

OMG, it was like their poo was everywhere!!!

Took so much pictures my camera died in just one single day wtf.

Thank goodness for spare batteries! Never, ever travel without spare batteries (or SD cards! I have like an 8GB one, and 2GB ones. With 12GB, I think I can snap until my camera lens crack HAHAHA).

Saw baby koalas and spiny anteater as well! And those cunning red foxes who were running around waiting for food to be served.

After the 4 hour long walk, we decided to bid the Park adieu and we moved on to Swan Valley for some wine, nougats and chocolates!

I think Mondo Nougats and the House of Honey are one of the few places you shouldn't miss when you head down to Swan Valley. I feel that the nougats are a little overpriced, but well, it think it tastes nicer than many other regular nougats we've seen everywhere.

Oh. Don't buy the hard nougats though! I think the hard nougats are so hard, you could actually build houses with it. No joke. :O

The next places you guys should visit if you have a chance, is Cape Lavender and Chocolate Factory. With both originating from the beautiful Margaret River down South, this is a "replica" store from the origin.

Bad thing about Cape Lavender in Swan Valley is that they have no lavender farm. :(

I was so looking forward to bringing Nian and Raymond around the farm!

Chocolate Factory was expectedly good, we busted quite a bit on the chocolates here, even though we only bought like 2 slabs of chocolates and 1 box of chocolate coated Macadamia nuts. :\

Because we kinda skipped our breakfast at "home" to leave earlier in the morning, all of us were famished by 3PM. By then, we've already almost completed our Swan Valley trip, so we decided to treat ourselves a filling meal and some yummy ice-cream!

We moved on to the fish and lily farm as our last destination for the day, but gosh. This farm was such a disappointment. :(

We had initially thought that a lily farm was a farm of calla lilies. Little did we know, it was actually a water lily farm!

That was okay. What wasn't ok was that..... the lilies haven't even started blooming yet. -____- So as you can see, everything was pretty empty.

*cues crow sound*

Btw, did I mention that the crows in Aussie..... all sounded like they lost their voices? LOL! It was very funny! They don't sound anything like crows. More like..... cats. Really.

We ended our itinerary by 5PM on Sunday, headed back to Joondalup to get some groceries, and whipped up a simple dinner for the three of us.

This time, both Nian and Raymond took a break from rushing their assignments and helped me with the cooking!

Talking about their assignments, I really feel sad for the two of them. It really sucks when you group with people who.. let's just say do not have a good concept of their work. It's so hard to work with them no?! But thank goodness, this is the last time already.

Nian cut up all the tofu we bought, together with the tomatoes, garlic and onions.... while Raymond cut up the fish slices and washed the fishballs.

I beat up the egg, prepared the flour for the batter, and cooked the soup.

After that, Nian battered the fish and fried the omelette while Raymond set up the tables. It was super fun and enjoyable..! We do hope our other housemates enjoyed themselves as much as us and had a fulfilling day too. ^-^

As I'm typing this, I really can't believe that it had been one week since we visited these places. Time flies too quickly for us to turn it into a solid memory sometimes, don't you think so? Like... in time to come, we'll forget these nitty gritty details....

And it's exactly these nitty gritty stuff that makes it all memorable. :~(

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  2. i second kelly! kekekeke! =)

    perth is soooo relaxing! *miss perth lots*

    my cousin's buddy was bitching about perth saying how boring it is. (she spent 2 weeks there) =\

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