More on Perth - Spending the evening in a cemetry!

Friday, October 08, 2010

I honestly ought to start sleeping earlier. I'm a little sleepy, but I'm refusing to go to bed just so that I can wait until I get sleepier, and I can dive head on into the pillow and snore my head off. ;p

I thought I should catch up on my backlogs while waiting for the above phenomenon to take place! ;p

A few posts ago, I wrote that we spent last Friday (was it a week already??? Gosh!) at the strawberry farm. After that, I brought the guys to see roos!

Remember I spoke to my neighbour about not seeing any roos in front of our house? He recommended that we should head down to the Pinnaroo CEMETRY to see them!!!!

I know right, who will bo dai bo ji (nothing better to do in Hokkien) go into cemetries to see roos one!?!?

Well...... I thought it would be really spooky.. and fun. ;p

Except that there were no tombstones in there. It was more of a memorial ground, really. And what my neighbour said was right! There were sooooo many roos, it was scary. It ratio was like 10 roos to 1 human being.

Imagine if they decided to all box us up. -___-

This would be cute, but if this happens..........

It would be shitty.

But we realized that as long as we don't run around scaring them, those roos are really pretty tame and friendly!

Ok. To a certain extent la. They didn't mind coming close to us, but when they realized we've no food for them, they hopped off even before we could take a picture wtf.

So realistic one lor.

After sneaking around and taking about 5000 pictures, we decided that we should go have some Chinese food.

Another classmate, Nicholas, introduced this place to us because they sell really cheap lunch.

Just as we thought we could get the same deal for dinner..... obviously we were wrong!

Sigh. I think we spent close to $50 on dinner for the three of us. T___T

The only bubble tea store around our area was as disgusting as hell! But thank goodness to Jess, we found the place. I'd probably go into some cold turkey shit from the lack of bubble tea fml.

We thought the night would be a peaceful one for Nian to do his work and me to catch up on moisturizing my face (really, the air is so dry there my Hada Labo is almost useless. I had to use those really oily ones!).

Little did we know that there was a 'party' going on at the ground floor of our house. So people party, we also party loh!
After the rounds of beers, we bidded each other good night to prepare us for the long trip up north to Yanchep National park.

Honestly, I didn't like the park at all. There was no "colonies of koalas" to see! We felt kinda cheated because that was written in the tour magazine. :(

We saw colonies of houseflies though. Just look at how many are there on Nian's shirt. -_____-


The only saving grace is that because we were so early, we didn't need to pay the $11 entrance fees!

See, it pays to be early! :D

We skipped the limestone caves cuz it was not opened yet. We could have waited for another 10 minutes to be the first customers, but we didn't think it was very interesting. Besides, apart from the entrance fee you pay, you still have to top up with like AUD$11 or something to get into the caves.

We decided to go visit the Yanchep Harbour and the beach instead. :D

Spring is actually a beautiful season down south.

Except for those annoying flies, that is!

I love all the blooming flowers, and the bees buzzing around busily. It was just so full of life and vigour!

Headed to the beach proper after the harbour.... and I was so hungry I was caught eating again. ;p

The beef + tomato + cheese pie was SOOOO good! The bad thing is that you need to eat it really quickly, otherwise the stew would spill and then there goes your favourite dress.

Thank goodness I decided to do the black apparel that day!

After which, we drove back down, past our place, and headed to AQWA.

It costs us $28 per person.

It basically features all the marine animals that could be found along the coast of WA. Talking about the entire WA, I thought Yanchep was like the northern most point of WA already!!!

Until I searched Google Maps, that is. -_____-

And then I realize how far away I was from completing the Northern WA........ :O

Now I know why most people prefer to travel down south of WA.

It is definitely easier to complete from Perth! And it has Margaret River, which was pretty, it has Albany, which was pretty too. I think the north has a lot of sand. (deserts)

We traveled further down and went to Fremantle for the weekend market again... just to satisfy Raymond. ;p

You see, we've already been there the first Saturday. But for Raymond, he was merely there to eat takeaway sushi. -___-

Long story why it ended that way, but that poor guy didn't manage to buy any stuff at all. :(

So, we decided to spend time at Freo, visit places that we didn't get to the week before... like the Shipwreck Museum. We also spotted 3 weddings taking place at the same time!

We concluded that it must be an auspicious date for the Aussies. ;p

After the exploring the shipwreck and its reconstructed engine, all of us were famished.

So off we went to Kaili's! (Since the week before we had Cicerello's)

Ordered Chilli Mussels (again! :D) and seafood chowder to share.... actually the 3 of us shared everything because food in AU is really too expensive. >.<

Verdict: Kaili's wins Cicerello's HANDS DOWN.


Nian particularly loves the wedding car. I wonder if we could actually get it in Singapore.

It's a Hummer Limousine, check it out!!! :O

If anybody has any lobangs on Hummer Limos, please let us know! ;p

We think limos are good tools of transportation because it works like a bus (can sit many many people!) but still able to get into our low ceiling, tiny carparks. We can then not worry about having too many wedding cars, just probably 3 limos will fit all our family, brothers and sisters!

I'm excited even just thinking about it. XD

So you see, we're felt pretty much accomplished to travel so many places in a day: Yanchep National Park, Yanchep Beach, Yanchep Harbour, AQWA and Freo.

Wouldn't have done it if we didn't leave at 8AM sharp! (We completed everything by 6PM!)

More on Sunday's trip.... soon. =)

Ok bye!

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