Mooncake Festival 2010!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Realized that I had actually uploaded these pictures in my archive, but totally forgot to blog about it!

Now that I'm waiting for Nian to be off work, I might as well burn some time blogging an additional post today - yay!

So this happened like probably a month ago, and if you would have noticed the slogan on the header, I happened to read it somewhere along my tweet timeline and I thought it was really lame-ishly funny.

How would Neil Armstrong react if he were to see Chang Er floating around on the moon with her rabbit? And Chang Er probably wouldn't understand a single word Neil Armstrong would be saying to her. ROFL.

Anyways, Nian and I had the urge to hang out for some "Round Moon" goodness, and instead of just walking around with a lantern, we decided to relive the childhood memories - playing with candles!

We grabbed my sister-and-brother-in-law along with us, and we zoomed to the nearest park. My dad, instead of chiding us for being so "childish" at our age, thought that it was good fun and he sponsored us a small paper lantern, 3 boxes of candles, lighters and 9 boxes of sparkles!

You should see how much I was squealing in excitement. ;p

We then found one nice seat, albeit wet because of the rain earlier on. Brother-in-law had to sit on the seat and used his pants as the cloth.....

Huge sacrifice! Hahaha!

We decided that using flash was better so that we can see our faces better. Who the fuck cares about the candle glow anyway! ;p

I was told many many times that my sis-in-law and I look alike. Opinions?

And I was wearing my dad's slippers because I spoiled mine while I got off the bike. HAHAHA. And yes, obviously I is has big feet since I can wear my dad's slippers and it fitted perfectly!

Feels like a birthday celebration wtf.

Nian was the only one sitting on the chair! Weird that we took so much effort to dry it and the three of us ended up squatting along the kerb. -____-

After lighting up the lantern, we then realized that Dad had forgotten to give us the lantern stick! LOLOL. Obviously not very experienced with the candle playing and all.

Nian then went to scout around the park and he came back with a really long branch..... with funny sticky sap on it that stunk like hell!

But better not complain too much, the man actually went high and low to find something that could hold the weight AND be able to hang it against our chair!

2 years together and yet this was the first time we somehow "celebrated" Mid-Autumn Festival wtf.

But I'm sure there'd definitely be many more first-times to come! That's what makes married life interesting, isn't it? :)

And then we took out our sparklers!!!

It was damn funny, we were so retarded. Please look at video for evidence. -_____-

Apparently, the sparklers were supposed to "sparkle", but obviously in the video, the sparklers merely burned!

Rather quickly I must say. -____-

What's with the quality of sparklers these days!?

And yes, even though I hardly speak Mandarin, I actually DO! See, I'm not so much of a jiak kan tang lor.

We then attempted to do the sparklers writing like what many people do.

But FAIL maximum.

How do you guys do it?! I tried setting my aperture settings to really high, hoping it will absorb more light but that's about the best we could come up.


I was trying to draw a heart shape you know! But I thought my expression was super funny. Can you see that I'm like ULTRAAAAA thrilled with the sparklers? Hahahaha!

We then devised a plan: Nian will do one side of the heart shape, and I will do the other! THAT will make us have a complete heart shape right!!!

WRONG. -_____-

But still, it was damn funny! Both of us couldn't stop laughing zomg.

I call these precious moments that will stay with us until the end of time. :)

Our flame was so bright it attracted a beetle! The beetle flew towards me the next moment..... and I jumped up all scared.

I no like beetles. They cling onto your hair, your shirt, everything! :O

As the candles burn, our night almost went to an end.

Oh ya! Totally forgot about our packs of Vitasoy, also lovingly given to us by Dad! <3

So how did you guys celebrated your Mid-Autumn Festival? I hope nobody was working their ass off doing OT! D:

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