Last bit of Perth!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Geez, 10 days pass too fast I suppose, I'm leaving for home today!

I won't say I'm entirely happy nor upset. I'd definitely miss the experience here, since this is the first time I travel up North Perth. And of course, my poor husband who is still gonna be here by himself for another 4 days. :(

Of course, I'm happy because I kinda miss home! Can't wait to go home to shower my girlfriends those lovely nougats, white chocolate (for Lava! *winks*), honey sparkling juice, macadamia nuts and indulge in the Whitegum Honey we got yesterday in Swan Valley. :)

These 10 days have been mostly good than bad. Good because I still got my bubble tea, good because I get to travel more places than I had intended to.

Bad because there were rumours flying around which caught me completely baffled. But aiyah, I don't care anyway! ^-^

Let me share with you guys my Strawberry Farm trip!

It was great fun I tell you! We drove for about 30 minutes up North, headed to the farm, and plucked those yummy strawberries. We plucked a kg of strawberries among the three of us (Nian and I + Raymond), so it costs us $12!

Ok la, they are selling the already-plucked ones for $5 for 500g so... it's $2 more for the experience.

The berries are also very nice and sweet, so it's worth the money much! :)

Alright, I have to run. Loads of last minute stuff to handle before I fly!

Bye Aussie, Hello SG! <3

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