Chicken Wings Make Me Hungry

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last weekend, while Nian was still in Perth, I busied myself with running all my errands and meeting up all my girlfriends for breakfast/lunch/dinner!

Like mentioned, my girlfriends are very important to me. :) They are with me through thick and thin, fought bitches with me, and more often than not be the ones who would listen to all my nonsense. ;p

Kelly and Katheryn took part in the Laurier's 'Are You A Shooting Star' event and I was initially thinking of going down to support them!

But because their race ended early, I missed all the actions by the time I arrived. :( I'd love to be dashing everywhere town with them!

It's definitely a difficult race to be in, they had to complete 8 tasks that involves taking pictures with....

  1. The Muttons from 98.7FM
  2. A Ferrari (must red one some more!)
  3. Ben and Jerry's cow
  4. A purple lady statue with a handbag (wtf this one)
  5. Joanne Peh
  6. Someone with black lipstick (wtf even more)
  7. Someone in leopard prints (wonder if anyone actually took with Ris Low!)
  8. A guy with TWO dimples on his cheeks
And completing the 8 tasks is not all, they are supposed to be the ones completing it the fastest so that they could win $1500 Takashimaya vouchers and Fuji Instax!!

So after like an hour or two later..... guess who won???????!!!???!!

My awesome girlfriends!!!!

I think they beat like 19 other teams of contestants and emerged champion! OMG I'm like super proud of them!

IMO, they won because they were really knowledgeable about town. Like throw me the question of looking for someone in black lipstick I'd have gone.... "GRAB THAT MARKER! GRAB THAT GUY! SMEAR MARKER ON HIS LIPS! TAKE PICTURE!!! OK RUNNNNN!! RUNNNN!!!!!!"

But no, these girls knew Sephora sells black lipsticks! (wtf I also dunno why got people buy)

They were also pretty smart to take pictures with The Muttons' newly released CD. Many of the other contestants waited for The Muttons to reach *Scape before they could complete the task, so they lost valuable time.

So, I think Kelly and Kat deserves the $1500 BIG TIME! :D

In celebration, we headed to Swenson's at ION for an eat-out.

Uhhhh. Actually only I had an eat-out. The rest of them only had ice-cream! D:

So after spending 2 hours hanging out and reminiscing the race, the sisters got on their way with their other halves to eat proper dinner.

Me, on the other hand, attended my sis-in-law's pre-wedding meeting and finally dashing back to Emerald No. 5 for chicken wings and Heineken with my XY and P. Lee!

Actually I call P. Lee, Debbie. But because I like her so much I am considering calling her I. Lee. Idol Lee or something. HAHAHAHAHA.

And my dinner was 3 chicken wings. MINE. ALLLLL MINEEEEE.

XY couldn't eat those wings because she was coughing. (I heard this from most mothers - cough, cannot eat chicken. Eat chicken will cough more.)

I. Lee doesn't eat any fried food. (NOW you guys know why she's my idol!)

So everything's mine!

XY thinks this picture is scary but really..... the chicken wings are bery nice. T_____T (And I didn't even know I was holding onto my beer until I saw this picture. Obviously I'm pretty greedy with one hand wings and the other beer!)

This is a random picture of XY's water bottle. It says that the container was not suitable to be reused. But someone filled the bottle and gave it to her. And she had to take it. -______-

Here, my god sis and I.

(I wrote a huge chunk of angry text regarding a stupid person and her stupid comment but I decided to not post it after 5 minutes. See? I'm THAT nice! And no la, that stupid person is not XY.)

On a completely opposite mood, here's us again with my Chomel earrings, finally! :P

I really love it ah jie, you know? I'd have bought both the earrings then if I wasn't so broke! But because I have you, I now have both earrings I love anyways!

Now the problem is to decide which ones to wear everyday. :D

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  1. you disabled commenting on LJ liao ah?

    did you squeeze lime/lemon unto the chicken wings before you eat?! :D

    ya cannot eat chicken when you are coughing, it'll worsen the cough!

  2. Haha we were competing with 60 other teams!! :p
    kat was the Ris Low who wore the leopard prints top
    Kat was the one who applied black lippie
    Joanne Peh wasn't real! Haha jus a standee :p
    and and!!! We completed the whole race in 1 hr!!! :p
    haha we are super proud of ourselves ;)


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