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Monday, October 25, 2010

About 2 weeks back, thesamplestore, along with Biore, sent 100 bloggers 3 different samples of their make up removers.

So for the past 2 weeks, I have been alternating between the 3 samples, and here I am, at 1.15AM, presenting you the reviews!

(Very hardworking lor, tomorrow's my first day of work you know! ;p)

So here are the 3 babies that I've been playing with! The big pinkish box is the Biore Cleansing Oil Facial Sheet, the blue bottle is the Biore Hydra-clear Make Up Remover and the pink bottle is the Biore Make Up Remover for Eye and Lip.

Today, I will be reviewing the Biore Cleansing Oil Facial Sheet (box), and the blue Biore Hydra-Clear Make Up Remover. Sit tight! :D

On the day of my convocation, I had a somewhat thicker make up on. Usually, my daily make up consists of my 2-way cake, blusher and eyeliner.

On somewhat special occasions, I throw in concealer, eye shadow and mascara.

So here's the before-removal picture. Even though I *think* I slap on a lot of cosmetics, Nian thinks my make-up is pretty mild as compared to other girls. -____-

Btw, I never used to apply make up... until I met him!

Must be because I think I must "live up to the competition". If I don't get prettier, wa. I bet there would be more girls queueing up for him as compared to now, fml. :O

Using this Hydra-Clear Make Up Remover is relatively easy because there is no need for the use of cotton pads! All you need to do, is to squeeze some onto your palm, and spread it evenly across your face, like how you would applying facial cleanser.

The Hydra-clear Make Up Remover is non-foaming, so please don't rub too hard on your face, expecting it to foam! :O

The Hydra-Clear Make Up Remover is suitable for removing waterproof make up, especially mascara and eyeliners.

Because it is water-based, it does not leave behind a greasy texture that requires multiple cleansing off after you apply the remover. In fact, I kinda skipped my facial wash altogether.... because I was too tired. Hee.

This make up remover is suitable for any skin type and available at any major retail outlets at $22.90.

Alternatively, thesamplestore is providing limited samples up for grabs and you can redeem your samples here:

Next up, the Biore Cleansing Sheet!

I think the Cleansing Sheet is very useful when we head out. Either for holidays, camping over boyfriend's place, staying over for girly sessions with your girlfriends... Or even camping!

Similar to the Hydra-Clear, Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheet can also be used to remove stubborn waterproof make up. I just used it to remove mine earlier on, so let's take a look!

So here's the thick eyeliner I've drawn, and some mascara. For this trial, I've used the Loreal mascara instead of my usual Deja Vu mascara, because the latter needs to be removed by warm water, and is futile with make up removers.

So before we begin, we need to assemble the cotton sheets first. We unwrap the packaging to reveal this pink-white tissue-box alike....

In it, you will find a separately packaged cleansing sheets ready for use. All you need to do, is to peel along the OPEN tab to reveal a tissue-box packaging:

48 pieces all nicely stacked in a portable pack!

And then place the cover back.

Ready for use!

So I peeled one out, and with the help of the husband as my photographer, here's how it's like:

This cotton sheet doesn't have any smell, neither does it sting my eyes when I clean my eye make up. Most of my eye make up gets removed really quickly, and in about 5 wipes around the face, I could safely say that my make up is completely removed!

So here's what we have in the cotton sheet. It's really nothing much, just a little trace of foundation (I usually only apply a single layer), and some eyeliner and residual mascara bits.

Not convinced, I then whipped out my lipstick, which I would probably use more often when I start work (i.e. later in the morning!).

Siao one. Applying lipstick in the middle of the night lololol.

Er, because my lipstick is relatively nude, I photoshopped my lips into bright pink to make the colour more visible.

Very apparently, bright pink lipsticks are so not me. -____-

Now this colour is more real-life. No photoshopped has been done to this lip colour LOLOL.

This cotton sheet is also alcohol-free and it is available in 3 different packages. The one above you saw is the regular pack. You can also be environmentally friendly and purchase a refill pack when this one runs out.

The regular pack costs $16.50, and the refill pack costs $11.50. Here's how the refill looks like:

I know, not much difference LOLOLOL.

And the third package is the Handy Pack.

The handy pack costs $2.95 each and consists of 10 sheets.

Again, you can redeem your FREE Biore Make Up Remover set at thesamplestore!

Redemption for both make up removers are until the end of this month, 31/10/2010. That means, you only have less than 1 week to go!

Redeem them while stocks last, don't miss the good deal! :D

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