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Friday, October 15, 2010

I care a lot for my face because I think if you have damn chui face, no matter how much make up you splash you still remain chui.

(Image taken from Laura the Brow Queen)

Look at this. How much concealer would you have to splash? How much two-way cake have you got to use before you cover all these pitholes?

I'm sure this is pretty common. I had an ex-boyfriend who had a face liddis!

Would you like to have a face like that?

Not many would want to. Especially women. And even more so for young women like you and me.

Which is why today, I am introducing you guys and girls, B.liv.

 No, I didn't purposely spell the bottom 'caption' wrongly. B.liv is not only a contraction of the word "believe", it also means 'be' and 'live'. Be what you are and live the way you like.

And to do that, you need to have the confidence to believe in yourself!

B.liv has been around for a decade, with its former name as Cellnique. They have since rebranded their products as b.liv by Cellnique to better reflect their objectives in catering a dynamic, confident youth.

Thesamplestore, along with by Cellnique, has very generously sent me a personalized facial set for my precious face.

Because they have heard my woes about my rather enlarged pores, they sent me my saviour: The large pores range

You know the people from thesamplestore and b.liv are meticulous people when you have a perfectly sealed parcel delivered right up to your doorstep!

So here's what we have in the large pores range:
  1. Shrink and Tighten+: Large pores diminishing night complex
  2. Shine and Glow: Skin Smoothening Mask
  3. Shrink and Tighten: Large Pores Reducing Serum
The Squeaky Clean at the extreme right is a beads cleansing gel belonging to the blackheads range.

So immediately the day b.liv came knocking on my door, I put them into test. Here's a picture of my forehead before the usage of b.liv:

I have some enlarged pores at the forehead. It is not very obvious, but it bugs me till no end. Imagine how much blackheads it would have trapped in those little bags????

So first, I washed my face with Squeaky Clean beads cleansing gel.

Here's how it looks like, slightly green, and slightly rough because of the microbeads. This is very good for people who likes to know that their faces are being scrubbed clean while they wash their face!

Here's me after applying Squeaky Clean. I thought it would foam up, but no matter how much I rubbed in my palms, this is what I get at the end of it.

After rinsing off Squeaky Clean, I then whipped out the Shrink and Tighten Large Pores Reducing Serum:

Here's out the texture looks like. I like the smell of the serum!

Pat it on the face and massage in circular motion until everything is fully absorbed, I then used the Shrink and Tighten+ Large Pores Diminishing Complex.

The difference between the Shrink and Tighten+ Complex and the Shrink and Tighten (no +) Serum is that the Complex can be used nightly.

I would recommend 3 times per week usage for the serum.

By the way, all of these serums and complexes are very tightly sealed to preserve the sterility and cleanliness of the products. Opening the seal of this complex alone took me 10 minutes!

Here's how the Complex look like on my palm. It is slightly yellowish as compared to the serum, as you can see.

After I rub them onto my face and wait for them to be absorbed, I would then slap on my usual moisturizer and dive straight into bed.

However, if you have time to pamper your skin further more (I would ask that you pamper them for about 3 times a week too!), you can use the Glow and Shine Skin Smoothening Mask.

Like its name, Glow and Shine promises smooth skin. Its other functions also include exfoliating and brightening.


So what you do is to be generous: Apply a thick coat over your face.
Erm, try to not scare your husband/other family members while you're at it! :p

It has a little tingling sensation when you apply on your face though! And don't be surprised if you feel little beads as well. All for removing those stubborn heads and clean your pores thoroughly. =)

I like it also because it is non-drying. Even though it is of clayish texture, my face didn't feel like clay after I wash it off.

B.liv also cares about their consumers and how they feel, so if you don't like their products, you can always have them returned within 14 days and get 100% cash back (not including postage).

Let's take a look at how my forehead looks after 7 days of usage:
Because B.liv has been around for 365 days, all of us B.liv fans are celebrating its birthday by dressing B.liv up!

Since Halloween is around the corner, I decided to dress B.liv up in the Halloween way. So far, I haven't seen any bloggers with this dress-up yet! :D

B.liv the vampire witch for Halloween, heeheehee. Everyone's going Happy Birthday B.liv but here I am.... celebrating Halloween already. :P

If you like my picture, do head over to B.liv to 'like' it. :D

Time to set out to rock the clubs with awesome skin! <3

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