We're in Perth!!! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


We touched down in Perth yesterday late at night, and it took us about an hour drive to our hotel because of the lack of direction sense, and some of the roads were closed!

The weather is bleedy good today at about 17 degree celcius. So far, we've busted majority of our money on food, and the crazy parking rates omg. >.<

We're heading down to Freo for the weekend market later on, but in the meantime, we're chilling out at McD's with some yummy breakie wrap breakfast, and I got my bubble tea fix from Utopia!

The bubble tea here tastes so much better than back home, what the hell. It costs as much as KOI too. What the hell x 2.

Ok! The shops at city is pretty much opened now so we're gonna head to JayJays, Sportsgirl and Supre!

I've also finally used my lipbalms from Mentholatum, so watch out for the review tonight! (yes, we've got complimentary Internet from our hotel, woohoo!)

Many exclamation marks in this post cuz I'm mad happy today hahahaha. You guys know Chelsea lost? That would mean good chance for our Manchester United, and there's a game tonight!

Ok, I've got to stop here. My happiness might just cause me to hyperventilate zomggggg.

You guys enjoy this sunny Sunday, wherever you are! <3
Okbye!!!! :D

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