Tuesdays iWANT #4 - Crizal Lens & Perth Days 3 & 4!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So here we are, on the 4th day of our Perth trip!

Nian has been in school for the past 2 days, and even though the primary reason of me being here was to accompany him, I honestly have been keeping myself busier than I could have imagined!

Ok, at least for today. ;p I believe that I shouldn't be wasting my time away in school - the car is fully available for me to use!

Yesterday was his first day in school, so me, being a good wifey, I accompanied him for his campus introduction tour. It was great fun! I met new people, funny people, and very friendly people.

Of course, I'm thankful that the lecturers were not really strict about the introduction tour, otherwise I'd have to be left alone wandering around Joondalup with a miserable map!

We took about half an hour to drive down from Perth City to Joondalup. The freeway was clear, and it was awesome travelling at 130kph without worrying we have a traffic police chasing us down! ;p

Thank goodness both of us had licence, so we could take turns to drive. I think I would shag out indefinitely if I were the one who drives everyday! :D

Wearing my new dress from JayJays, which is also an anniversary present from the husband. :D

Love the pretty flower prints! Completely spells SPRING!

Arrived at the campus slightly earlier. It was super nice! The building behind was specially designed by some architects, and it is to resemble serving the community.

It was slightly cloudy yesterday, but you should see the sky today! It is currently miles and miles of awesome blue sky, without a cloud in sight. :)

Hot, definitely! But how often do we see crispy blue skies without the interruption of clouds?

Us, at Edith Cowan University.

We were brought into an art gallery within the school. Nice!

I particularly like this picture a lot because of the intricate details I see. Can you see what I see?

Look at the girl's shoes, for example! And the sofa prints!

I bet that would take a bloody long time to paint.

Day 3's lunch. I ended up with Chicken Caesar salad because Edmund, Nian's classmate, wiped out the yummy potato salad already! T__T

I had initially planned to tour Joondalup City after Nian headed on to his lessons, but the free wireless is too irresistable. -___-

Imagine! I could finish up my advertorials, update, talk to my friends, tweet in about that 3 hours! That sounds like a good deal to me! I can then hang out with the husband after he finishes school............. Not bad, not bad at all! ;p

(Besides, driving up and down city will take me an hour, leaving me with 2 hours. WTF can I shop in 2 hours?!)

But I cannot do this tomorrow already, because it's a long day for them.... so ONWARD JOONDALUP CITY!

Here's our crib for the upcoming days.

A cosy little house with 4 bedrooms, and a porch large enough for 2 of our cars. We're sharing this quaint little building with another 6 of Nian's classmates, so it's like a little family!

There is also a kitchen, complete with oven, dishwasher, pots and pans, cutlery, fridge.... Everything you expected, they have it! And of course, the counter table is filled with groceries because nothing beats home-cooked food when you're away from home, right? :D

After changing out of my contact lens into my glasses for Day 3, the housemates all gathered in the kitchen for a major cook-out:


After dinner................... let me show you our bedroom!!!!!


Looks pretty ordinary, but the kind classmates actually gave up this biggest room for Mr. and Mrs. Tan.

It has an attached bathroom, which leaves the remaining 6 of them squeezing the other bathroom. :( I'm mad guilty!

Pretty dress so pretty hor! :D

Super proud of Nian to be able to pick out such a beauty among sooooooooo many pretty dresses! (Like how he picked his wife HAHAHAHAHAHA. OK KIDDING. KIDDINGGGGGGG.)

Remember I said that I shouldn't spend too much time waiting for Nian in school and waste that glorious weather out there? I spent my breakfast on this very balcony this morning, and it. was. so. SHIOK I refused to head down to school today to have lunch with the hubs! ;p

Here's a panoramic view of what I see when I sit down by the balcony. It's a bloody golf range! :D

You would also realize I'm in glasses very, very often these days.

Why? Because the air is so ultra dry, it doesn't just dry up my skin. It dries me up.

My hair became super dry (which I fought it with Essentials Hair Essences, reviews up in a few days!) and so are my eyes.

So, today's Tuesdays iWANT, I am recommending all of you 4-eyed people, Crizal lens for your glasses.

Who's short-sighted like me, raise your hands!!!

I've been suffering from myopia since the primary school days, so you can imagine, I've been living almost 20 years of my life out of spectacles and contact lenses.

I hate spectacles, by the way.

It's not that it made me ugly, actually, I think I look pretty "educated" and geeky (Geek is the new nerd you know!) when I wear glasses, but they are so troublesome.........................

You should see the number of glasses I've accidentally smashed during my primary and secondary netball days. -_____-

Apart from that, the stupid lenses always get scratched when I forget to put them in the spectacle case, get smudged because I would forget that I am wearing glasses and then use my hand to touch my face (stupid, I know), or water marks when I wear them into shower.....

All because I am too blind to go into the shower without wearing visual aids.

So, would you be interested if I tell you guys that there's this lens out there, which can combat ALL of these enemies?

I would. Actually, I was so amazed when I read through the press release.

Imagine! Without all these 5 enemies, it would mean I would never need to clean my glasses with my dress! :D :D :D

Here's a comparison of Crizal Lens with ordinary lenses:

I think the most obvious one you would see from my pictures, are the anti-reflection ones.

Take a look at this picture I posted a few weeks back:

See the ZOMG reflections? Cannot even see my eyes!

After it was fitted with Crizal lens, reflection rate decreased as much as 90%.

All these are not just for vanity purposes. Research has shown that if you constantly subject your glasses to the 5 enemies above, it causes your eyes to be constantly strained.

Strained eyes will cause your myopia to worsen, or develop other eye problems.

We all want the best for our eyes, don't we? :)

Crizal lens is available in 3 tiers

The one that Nian and I have, and am recommending, has to be the Crizal Advanced. No point getting something that is only half-way good IMO.

For more information, you can access http://www.crizal.com.sg.

Ok! I hope you guys enjoy my entry today! No entries tomorrow I think. I am going shopping!!~

And........... Gotta run, the cafe is closing, and Nian is finishing school soon!

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