Tuesdays iWANT #3 - Dentiste Toothpaste!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Has this ever happened to you?

What causes morning breath?

Basically, when we sleep, our saliva flow slows down. Bacteria will then take this opportunity to multiply quickly, and making use of whatever residual nutrients in your mouth, it produces sulphur compounds that smells incredibly like shit.

So when you wake up in the morning, you usually smell funny.

And, if you fall under these categories, your chances of having bad breath just doubles or triples itself:

- smokers. I guess you guys don't need any explanation for this, right? If you take in junk, you smell like junk.

- pregnant ladies. The fluctuation of hormones causes oral problems, and if not properly taken care of in the early trimester, it may lead to miscarriages. Sounds illogical, but it's also because of the stress associated with the oral problems. IMAGINE YOUR HUSBAND NO WANT TO KISS YOU! T___T

- people in highly stressful jobs. This leads to minimal rest time, therefore creating situations where plaque can build up. When plaque builds up, you get stinky breath.

- coffee drinkers.

- People who don't visit the dentist often. (Ok I'm guilty as hell here).

So.... what do you do?

Ok. For people who have not heard of Dentiste Toothpaste, here's how it looks like:

Dentiste prides itself as the only effective night-time toothpaste. With 14 different natural extracts, it acts as a natural antiseptic and anti bacteria.

So how do I feel about the product? After getting 2 samples from thesamplestore to try: Dentiste Plus White Repaire and Dentiste Plus White Night time Toothpaste, I find that it WORKS. Yes. WORKS.

Instead of the same old boring white paste you squeeze out from, it comes in a minty green colour. Careful though, I thought the Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste tube was a little hard to squeeze. But that definitely does not constitute a deterrence from having the saving grace from bad breath!

The after-wash of the nighttime toothpaste is rather minty. It's alike to you chewing on Clorets sweets! I like. It is not too spicy either (Darlie tends to be a little too 'spicy' for me, and Colgate has a funny taste, don't you think so?).

As for the Dentiste Plus White Repaire, it is good because it targets a wide variety of oral problems such as tooth sensitivity (you know, when you need to wince in agony when you take cold drinks/ice cream), tooth erosion, orthodonic white spots etc.

It is something for me because I tend to have gum inflammation very often.

Which I don't know why! I keep having bleedy gums when I brush my teeth, even after dentist trips. -___-

I'm now trying the Dentiste Plus White Repaire in the morning (and nighttime toothpaste at night, duh!), and it is rather obvious that the bleeding has somewhat decreased.

There are more reviews in Cozycot, and you can read the reviews from the people who have sampled the toothpaste themselves from thesamplestore!

To try the Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste for free, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK. You need to have a samplestore account before you can redeem your samples, so CLICK HERE to sign up if you do not have an account.

Hahaha I HAVE to put this up to end off today's Tuesdays iWANT because I had drawn every single stickman in the comic strips above! It all started by an inspiration from stickgal, whom I used to like reading. Unfortunately, she has stopped blogging... :(

I definitely am not a better artist here, but I sure as hell had loads of fun doodling on my rough papers. :D

I hope you have enjoyed today's TiW, also, the contest for   is now closed. I will look through the entries and   will email the winner! :D

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