Perth, DAY 2!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So so so! Today's the 2nd day in Aussieland, and as mentioned before, we are really having a lot of fun! :D

I've taken some time to compile the pictures we've taken today! (Very hardworking right ;p)

We took a night flight to Perth, by the time we reached the hotel, it was already midnight! >.<

The consequences of taking budget airline la.... :(

It was a six hour long flight, and because we were on budget, there was no food included. After paying $10 and waiting for a bloody 30 minutes for a cold sandwich, they decided to forget my mineral water.


So finally, after 35 minutes, I got my sandwich, got my tiny water bottle, my lips were fully cracked up thanksverymuch.

So I whipped out my lipbalms.

After having nice, repaired and moistured lips, Nian and I then headed out to walk about!

Very happy that we got our bubble tea fix, and we had Tandoori Chicken Wrap for breakfast!

We continued walking, and we pounced upon this stretch of road that really resembled the street from Hogwarts!

They sold lovely uggs, which I almost bought! I love those uggs.... but where would I wear them to? :(

I also took pictures of chocolate chess sets, which I got scolded by the shopkeeper lololol.

After the city, we picked up the car and we took a quick drive down to Frementle to spend the rest of the day. :D It was a cooling day, so we walked, talked, ate, bought stuff... and sat down in the park watching kids playing soccer.

Tell me when can we have such a life again please. :)

After that, we headed to the famous Cicerello's for some seafood dinner. :D

Ordered fish and chips, buttered scallops, potato cake and CHILI MUSSELS!!!!! <3 <3

Based on Tiffany's recommendation, we then headed to Little Creatures Microbrewery. Not winery. Sorry salah!

Shoes hung above! I think it was cocaine or something that's selling somewhere... if I remember correctly.

Railway shot, hahaha! We were so terrified that the train will suddenly appear out of nowhere and that will be the end of us wtf.

We ended our anniversary outing after some grocery shopping, and rushed back hotel to watch the Manchester United game... which they had very disappointingly drew. :(

BUT! F1 was good because Nian's favourite Ferrari won (Alonso) and my favourite Red Bull Racing came in 2nd and 3rd. Poor Hamilton, fought so hard in the end out of the race.

Ok! We gotta turn in soon, long day tomorrow!

And to my favouritest boy in the world,

Happy Anniversary. :)

And many many more to come.

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