The Wedding: Behind The Scenes

Sunday, August 15, 2010

So, I got married on the 8th of August. Here's a post on what happens before and after the ceremony rush. ;p

Our hotel venue was very nice to us, thank goodness! The usual package only includes a one-night stay in a superior room, but we were given an extra night at a supposed premier room. The premier room is one grade lower than the superior room, so it would mean that we would stay a night in the premier room, and then the 2nd night in the superior room.
Unexpectedly, we were given a complimentary upgrade by our wedding planner, and we ended up having a superior room in the first night! :D

The room seemed relatively empty for the moment because the bell-boy was not up with all of our barangs. I tell you.... we brought so much stuff the entire boot of the car was full and we had to start squeezing stuff at the back seats. -____- Yes! Macam move house!

Nian was checking out the TV. The weird thing about me is that I'm never attracted to TV. When I enter any room, I almost always check out the bathroom first! My hubba will automatically zoom towards the TV and sit down on the bed. ;p Which kinda room-checker are you? :D

This is the little "walkway" that linked us from the entrance to the bedroom. There's ironing board! I don't know if I'm over-reacting but I hardly see any hotels have ironing boards ever. Most of them provide laundry service instead.....

THE MAJESTIC TOILET ZOMGWTFBBQ It's almost as huge as the bedroom itself!! It has a toilet bowl, a backside washer (I don't know the real name of that, and my XY's Kevin calls it the water cooler), he and she's wash basin and hair dryer.

Hello I see you. :) There were so many mirrors every where, there was no need for Nian and I to be squeezing with one another in one! :D

There's the bath tub as well, which we used later. VERY FUN HAHAHAHAHA.

There's a peek-a-boo window from the bathtub to the bedroom also! Imagine you coming along with your mother for a vacation. -_____- But no worries la! They have blinds to bring down if you are shy! :D

Next time, my house will be fitted with a rain-shower. My classmate Steph has one at home and I think it's bloody awesome la!

Obligatory couple shot to remember the moment. ;p

And then the exploring continued. We have teabags! Green tea and English Breakfast.... but don't have my favoulite. ;(

First round of the drinks and chocolate is free!!!!!!!

The lucky room number for the first night. We then headed for movie and then dinner... which was a whole lot of snacks and junk food and we camped in front of the TV nomming. BLISS! :D

And then I proceeded on to attempt to smother my husband in a tub of foam because I had squeezed in HALF A BOTTLE of bubble bath. The whole toilet was full of bubbles after that it was super hilarious!

Day 2 was the actual day of the wedding so we pretty much woke up at like 7AM. Ok, that's like for Nian. I was awake by 6AM... and I fell asleep last night at probably 2. All because I was nervous! Wtfbbq. So hubba suggested that we should go for a morning run to calm myself down. So off to the park we went. =)

I always, always love running with him. Even though I'm usually dead slow as compared to him... but he never judges. So we ran, walked and talked and saw macaws flying everywhere eating with their feet! I particularly liked the part where we talked about how we met. Like... isn't it amazing? I would have given him the BIGGEST hug if I had known that I was meeting my husband-to-be on that night! I love how life unravels itself like that. =)

After the walk and talk, we headed to the hotel restaurant for some breakfast, golek around the bed, and Andy, my hairstylist-cum-makeup-artist, arrived. Andy is only 20 years old but extremely talented! He took his time with me (ok that sounds wrong) and he didn't click his tongue or anything when I gave him the sheepish smile and said I haven't really looked at any hair-do I was interested in.

See la, that's me. The slack-like-whatever bride. So I allowed him to take over how I would look like, and I must say I love the final look when I went down to the reception!

While everyone was in a mad flurry, we were mysteriously upgraded by some house elves to the SUITE. No more Premier then Superior you know! It's Superior to the Suite!

I said that it was mysterious because the next thing I knew, all my stuff were packed and moved away! I love the efficiency...... it's almost like the house elves in Hogwarts wtf. So in this room, I was pleasantly surprised with the cute bedsheets. :D

SO CUTE RIGHT!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D I don't event think I'll be wearing a kua when I go through the Chinese wedding lololol

There are more decorations in this suite...... obviously.

AND WE HAVE SEA VIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok envy me now please!!!!!!!!!!!
Apart from the hugeass bathroom we had in the previous room, this suite also has an additional for-guests-use toilet.
They also have artistic pictures like these which I have no idea what is that. Looks like lotus-nipples. A gentle warning though. Don't click on the link if you have a faint heart. A friend showed me the picture and I almost died of shock. Thank God for the strong heart.
Here's another argue-worthy picture in the living room. LOLOL. And talking about living rooms.... YES WE HAS LEEVIN ROOM YOU BELIEVE IT????

It was angbao counting after the ceremoney. Thank goodness to all of our friends and relatives, we are glad to announce that we only made $500 loss!!! :D That is the deposit we've paid actually. So the amount we paid on the actual day, were all covered. =)

And I kinda teared when I saw what my Mom and Dad wrote at the back of the angbao they gave us. T____T For the benefit of the readers who can't read Chinese, it says, "Mom and Dad wish the both of you to be eternally blissful and sweet." Ok I'm tearing again so let's move on.

I received the one and only gift from my 4th Uncle and family! :DDD I'm really touched that they actually spent time shopping for a gift for me. I mean, how the hell would they know what would I like? Certainly, that will take quite a long time to decide yes?

They got me a diamond bracelet. T_________T *drops tears again* I cannot imagine having a wonderful family who is never calculative with me, never stingy with me, and always so helpful and generous.

And I'm so glad that I married into an equally awesome family, who is likewise as tolerant with me as my own family. Everyone, my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, XY, all my aunts and uncles, all of Nian's aunts and uncles and grandparents and CCH and gang... geez.

I'm really grateful for all of your attendance and generosity towards Nian and I. We would LOVE to mingle more with all of you but apparently 30 guests is enough to drive us crazy. (I cannot imagine the wedding dinner)

Emo-nemoness aside, we washed up and waited for my Tuesday girls to come along to have dinner with us. :D I'm not the funny one in the picture. Look at my hubba please. ;p

We headed to the Italian restaurant just one floor above our room!

I guess this IS gonna be a good place for us to come back every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. =)

Hubba, while waiting for the food to come. No pictures of me cuz I look bery chui, no amount of photoshop can save that look. :D

Even the mushrooms look better than I was, trust me.

No pictures of the girls because we totally forgot about it. Win max.

Because we stayed in the suite the previous night, we were entitled to dine in the Executive Club Lounge.

This whole thing is so atas I almost couldn't handle it I tell you! Both Nian and I felt like we were some sort of prince and princess of some unknown countries I swear. Or perhaps, I'm just someone who is easily contented. ;p

There are two tables outdoor, but no cutlery sets. We had wanted to sit outside just so we could enjoy the serenity, and it was quite cold inside the lounge. So too bad la, we went back in.

The outside view from the lounge.

I spy HONEY STARS!!!! ******

But I end up eating a very unhealthy Singaporean + American breakfast. ;p

Hubba is always the healthier one with smoked salmon and bread with jam.... and he drinks milk!

Me, on the other hand, always love this combination of drinks if I can lay my hands on it. The results of this mixture is alike to the China Apple Juice you know! HAHAHA gassy and applish. Very shiok I tell you. ;p

We then explored the hotel and snapped photos. Picture a bit blur cuz camera lens was fogging up! See, that's how cold it is in the lounge. Don't play play.

Last photo of our suite before checking out. Bye!! We'll be back soon!! :D

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