Birthday Celebration at the Marmalade Pantry

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So my girlfriends and I went to Marmalade Pantry.... affectionately known as MP.

Wtf I thought MP is Marine Parade!

The ambiance is good! And to top it off, we bumped into May and Choy! May looks really gorgeous. She makes me wanna cut my hair like her wtf. :(

Appetizer-pictures first because the last time we met over the weekend, we were so busy selecting the food and admiring the scenery.... we totally forgot to take pictures walaueh.

Food > pictures for me! ;p

Tiffany's camera lousy-pok one. ;p

Milkshake for the birthday girl! ^^

The girls had a hard time convincing me to share our food.

THIS. IS. FOOD. PORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eggs and sausages and FRIES. YUM YUM FATTENING IS GOOD.

LOOK AT THOSE CALORIES!!!! *screams in happiness*

MORE FOOD!!!!!!! (In fact, we had TWO plates of these!)

And then we had cake!

I bery nice, I took obligatory video for Vonny so that she can still reminisce the yummy chocolate truffle~~~~~

I is good friend ok. :D


Posing with the Truffle!

And all 5 of us!

We bought Vonny a limited edition Rilakumma bear and an Agnes B card holder. It was TOUGH getting the bear because there was only ONE, and we had a competitor!

You should see how smug we were when we won the bear for her. That girl was FURIOUS lololol!

The very sweet girls also bought me my present - the limited edition only in Hong Kong Longchamp bag! Haiyo it's so pretty I wanna dieeeee!!!

All the way from Hong Kong, how can I not be touched? :D

Hubba then came down to join us in the cake eating before we head home. I think I've married the sweetest man I've ever, ever met. Not once, not once would he not pick me up if he could help it.

With lovely girlfriends and a wonderful Hubba (and family!).... what else can I ask for anymore?


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