[Adv] Now your auntie has a best friend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


A girl's necessary evil after the age of.... urm.... 12? Some people have affectionate names for it: Auntie, Auntie Flo, Red River... and some have more vulgar names like... Lai Ang. Which is by the way a literal Hokkien translation for "coming red".

Whatever it is, I think basically the consensus is this: It sucks when it comes, it sucks even further when it doesn't come.

Ok, not really applicable to married women like me because when it doesn't come, it's ok! That means Baby Tan is on the way! ;p (No, we are not trying for Baby Tan yet kthxbye)

So anyways, in the recent decade, women are less ashamed of having period. Society has opened up in such a way that it has become OK to be talking and discussing about period, pads, and what-have-yous.

So today, we're gonna talk about pads.

No, not iPad.

Ladies, this is your best friend during the time of the month. It saves you from embarrassing red stains on your backside, and basically allows you to do whatever you like.

Bad thing?

It is so f*ckin boring. (Ok, I usually do not sensor my words but this is an advertorial soooooooooooo.............. :D)

What if.......

You have something like this?

I know right! Your first expression will be.....

Let me amaze you further as I talk about the WOW Event I've attended earlier in the week. :)


This WOW Kotex Event was a really major event with about 80 bloggers present. All of these bloggers are invited by various channels, such as Nuffnang, omy.sg, thesamplestore etc, with many of them you guys would definitely know.

And because I'm their all-time favourite blogger (hee thanks Elf!) for fr3b.com, I am proudly invited by fr3b, now known as thesamplestore! Elfaine is working really hard on it right now, and next week, we'll be doing some filming as well. *excited* :D

By sometime next month or so, I'm pretty sure you guys will have an even better sampling experience! :D Keep a lookout for it!!

Ok back to the event.

We were given personalized nametags with the colour of our choice. Of course I chose yellow! But people from CommunicationDNA told me my name was too long la, that's why it went onto the petals of the tag already. :O

Free flow drinks were served at the start of the event.... and I grabbed myself a Shirley Temple, and met Becks. :D
Picture credits to thesamplestore.sg!

We were also given the opportunity to decorate our own cupcakes, which was really fun!

Here's my tools: little flower flakes + blue frosting + purple cuppy.

Total full concentration............

Ta-daa!!! TS-g!  !

The whole event was really girly and fun, we even had an instant photography booth with loads of barang barang that we could play around with!


Here's Becks and I, with me wearing something trying to fit the theme of girly, flirty, WOW. Dress is from Forever 21, and I so should not wear that pair of shades.... geez. :O
It will never be girly enough without roses! :)

Here's us, caught in the act with a plate overloaded with yummies. Hee.

A closer look we have some tuna/crab on toast, apple+chocolate cake, loads of fruit tarts, blueberry cheesecake (FAVOURITE!) and some not-so-yummy chicken balls.

Crystal then gave us a talk on Kotex and its history, before the unveiling of the new Kotex shortly after.

Love the tagline. It's called WOW exactly because that's what we girls say when we first saw the well-designed sanitary pads!

Here, let you girls see the designs again.

The packs all come with drawstrings so that it is easy for us to carry out and you know... not let these best friends drop all over the place. :)

And these designs are available for both night usage (left) and regular usage (right).

You can get these pads at major retail outlets, but well.... thesamplestore has samples for you to try before you buy too!

If you have not have an account with thesamplestore, CLICK HERE to sign up now. If you have had an account with fr3b.com, you can go to thesamplestore to migrate your account over with just a click. :D

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

After the launch, Becks and I then went to get ourselves free Ben and Jerrys! :D

I got myself Cookie Dough! Silly me should have placed it in a cup because not long after I got my cone, all of us were ushered out for some team-bonding.

(And I had to throw my cone away =( )

Unfortunately, because Becks and I took different colours of our name tags, we were split into different groups. Nevermind! Gives me some time to try and make more friends! :)

Each table is given a plain board waiting for us to splash our creativity on it.

Some tables had paper flowers, some had some hairy stuff, some had blings! And we had little beads of stuff that's so adorable. =D

I was in the same group as Winnie, Peggy and Silver... and many many others.

Yeah, we decided to get creative and start sticking on our name tags as well!

Bumped into Fidelis, whom had no idea which group she was in because she lost her name tag hahaha!

And we got interviewed! :)

I look super retarded, I know. I was like... "What's she gonna ask!? What's she gonna ask!?"

Silly Winnie then proceeded to go around all the tables looking for glue to stick her shoe... which had opened mouth. Obviously it wouldn't work la! -______-

We sent our artwork up shortly after. Can you spot which one is ours? :)

And ok la to be nice, I got her to take a more glam shot with me. She's really looking pretty hot. :)

Actually, everyone was looking pretty hot there... because of the weather. ;p



Kotex is giving away hell loads of free gifts this time, and you can redeem it by clicking below!


Click on the upper right hand corner of the WOW page if it doesn't bring you to the freebies page.

Here's what you'd get after you LIKE the page:

1) Wallpaper
2) Twitter wallpaper
3) Screensaver (after you've hit 10 referrals!)
4) Free sample of Kotex Luxe, if the one from thesamplestore is not enough for you =)
5) Collect referral dollers that can be converted into Coffee Club vouchers!!!!
6) iPhone skins (after you've hit 10 referrals!)
7) Laptop skins (after you've hit 10 referrals!)
8) RSVP yourself on the actual launch and get GOODIE BAG!!!

Talking about Goodie bags, here's what we bloggers got from Kotex!

Clockwise from top: WOW notebook for daily scribbles; thelookbook that show cases all of the designs of the pads; mug that reveals WOW when you pour hot water into it; colourful tampons (which you can get a sample at thesamplestore too!); regular kotex pads and the revolutionary Kotex Luxe. :D

Ok! I've talked enough for tonight, I need to head into bed to accompany Hubba Tan now. You guys have loads of fun sampling, and RSVP yourself for the actual launch!

I'll see you girls there! <3

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