Selecting cakes for the special day

Friday, June 11, 2010

Did I mention that we're actually getting married on my father's birthday? Coincidentally, it's also Nian's father's birthday. So having 3 occasions at the same time, surely we deserve some nice pretty cakes yes?

I was plainly surfing around Cake Love Couture when I saw a really pretty cupcakes get-up. She named it Ruth. I emailed Raiha, the owner of CLC, on 25th May, asking for the prices of the cuppies. I never understand why these bakeries don't put up their prices on the website. -__-

 I was kinda irritated because she never replied until 8 June. That's like 2 weeks to reply an email! She quoted me $2.80 per cupcake, which was kinda reasonable to me. I was expecting to pay about $2.50 - $2.80 per cupcake so that didn't scare me off too much. It was the 6" cake that freaked me out. She charges $100 - $120 for a 6" cake, and $120 - $150 for an 8" one!!! 6" is like... about the size of my palm only you know!?!?

 I replied and asked if the prices included the display stand, and if it will still be provided if I opt out the 6" cake. I can have like another 41 more cupcakes with that amount, what the hell? She has not replied. Not surprising, it has only been 3 days. And oh. Did I mention she called me June? -___-


XY recommended me another baker, Pine Garden's at Ang Mo Kio. I've heard about the highly raved cakes and all from there, so I decided to throw in an inquiry today as well. At least.. they did promise me they will reply by tomorrow so fingers crossed. :)

Here's an example of what they offer. I think I'm gonna go with yellow and black, because that'll be the theme for my solemnization!


Other than that, I've also started sending out emails to hound my wedding coordinator so that we can: 

1) Talk to the florist/decorator to set up the place as per what we want

2) Choose our dishes for our buffet

3) Try to bargain for a waiver of corkage because my mom just told me they are gonna have one happy drinking session... and she's bringing her own wine collection. :O

Updated 15/6/2010: Pine's Garden replied and GUESS WHAT. It costs $350 for 40 cupcakes and a 6" cake on top!!!!!!!!! Why do all these cakes have to be so freaking expensive T______T How now brown cow? I think we should just be good boys and girls and just settle down with one pretty cake full stop.

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