Changi Village Hotel - Saltwater Cafe buffet dinner

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Nian and I hardly visit buffets because we are not ginormous eaters. Obviously, if we were to go there and then get too full to move by the 3rd dish, it will absolutely not make sense to go!

However, we were given a complimentary dinner at the Saltwater Cafe at Changi Village roughly about a week ago... and so, we drove down expecting a fantastic meal to fill up our tums. :D

The buffet consists of lunch (12PM to 3PM) and dinner (6.30PM to 10.30PM). I would recommend to the weekend dinner because there's grill for everyone! It's like someone barbequeing your food out there, and all you need is to place orders. :D Very good for Nian, because he. is. always. the. cook. at. BBQ. parties. -____-

We were there at about 6.15PM because we thought that the buffet opens at 6PM. Also.. we wanted to avoid the jam to Changi. It was the Adidas Sundown!

Anybody took part in that? I ran it last year... and I got lost wtf. I certainly hope this year's route will be better marshalled, and more water points! :D

Anyways, we hung out a while and buffet started not long after.

I really like our tables because it's so wide and comfortable, this time, we really had trouble filling it up! :P

They have several "hands-on" sections, one of which is the Kuey Pie Ti section. We made our own rojak too! Pictures on that later. ;p

Nian and I LOVE the Kuey Pie Ti because the Pie Ti cones are sooooo crispy, and the prawns are fresh and succulent!

I attacked the salad bar while Nian's digging rice out from the cooker. ;p

The boyfriend came back with all sorts of Chinese mixed-rice food, albeit the calamari is out of place... BUT the calamari is VERY good too! In fact, everything was good at the buffet, we had trouble deciding which one we should go for in the 2nd serving.

The Char Kway Teow was very well done, I usually don't take the hum (mai hum, mai hum, mai hum, mai hum) from the CKT but this time, I think they used clams instead! Either that or they got rid of the fishy smell so well, I thought they were clams. ;p

Yummy TTM.

Later into the night, the grill counter was opened and we pounced on the grilled goods. We had 2 slices of grilled chicken, a slice of grilled beef (medium done for me!), grilled cuttlefish.... ZOMG.

Here's the rojak! It wasn't too bad, except that I was hoping the dough sticks to be a little crunchier. The tau pok was good though!

As we were about 80% full, we decided to attack the desserts counter. It was pretty cool, they had a lot of Nonya cakes, Pulau Hitam, chocolates etc.

I had to end up with ice-cream because I CANNOT resist the yam flavour!!

Yam ice-cream is my favourite flavour. Beats chocolate even! What's yours?

The raspberry cheesecake is absolutely heavenly as well~~~~. Nian had like 2 slices of it, I think! ;p

Here's us, feeling super happy and satisfied from the awesome dinner. :D

All thanks to Camelia from Changi Village Hotel for the generosity! <3

If you're interested, here are the prices:
  • Lunch: $30++ (adult) and $15++ (child)
  • Dinner: $38++ (adult) and $19++ (child)
On a completely different note, Nian and I went back home and he started showering me with all sorts of cutie stuff he bought for me while he was away.

This has to be my favourite! It's a draw-string pouch in the shape of Stitch's paw! (I think I accidentally folded poor Stitch's 3rd finger)

He saw a Domukun one as well, but I'm glad he bought me Stitch instead. That paw thing is really adorable. :D :D And besides, I'm not a huge fan of that brown monster. I prefer a blue one, hahaha!

Hello Kitty cards... the furry one is cute maximum!

And like boxes of gummies because the boxes are superbly cute! I can totally imagine what I'm gonna stuff in these containers already! (And yes, I have a weird penchant for containers. I LOVE containers wtf!)

And LAST but definitely not the least.............

Check out the amount of parcel that came in the mail for me today!!!!!

All of these are generously from [info]hocuspocusing , so be sure to keep a look out for them! They had just launched their latest post just a few days back, so do do do check them out!

In the meantime, let me show you some peek preview before the actual advertorial:

TEN!! TEN pieces of pretty goodies for me to wear!!

Now, I don't need to worry about not having enough dresses to wear for the movie session with Nian later. I *think* I'm gonna wear the purple dress first!!! (reminds me of yam ice-cream HAHA!)

Ok, you guys enjoy your weekend eh? I'm gonna mug on a little for my essay... and then


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