Buying accessories for the big day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yesterday, my classmate Angela and I went to Art Friend to source for paper to print our invites on. After walking for like an hour or so, I finally bought a piece, yes ONE freakin piece of paper that I thought was of the right gsm and colour.

Sigh, I'm anal to the gsm wtf right.

Anyways, I'll update more on the invites after we've tried printing on it. Recently, we have a new laser jet printer at home, so we thought since we bought such a freaking expensive printer, it HAD to be of some better use... right? Right.

Anyways, I met up with XY after the paper shopping so that we could buy her shoes for the evening gown, and we kinda got that done in 30 seconds. Literally!

We stormed into Aldo, picked up the first silver shoe I saw, and I thought THAT was it. The sizing was a little big though, but then again it wouldn't slip out. Besides, XY's size was kinda sold out everywhere wtf. And that pair that was a size bigger was left with the last piece at Wisma, and someone had reserved it. -____-

Thank goodness there was one last pair at Changi Airport, and we got Aldo to bring it to Wisma for us to pick it up. There! Done just like that. :D

So after that, even though XY was having an empty stomach and rushed straight out from work at 8PM, she decided to be really nice to her meimei and accompanied me to look for my accessories.

That took longer than 30 seconds/minutes, unfortunately.

We went to B*dazzled, looked at some crystal stuff that looked kinda too old for me... and then we decided to try Chomel.

Got this pair of earrings that is studded with Cubic Zirconia. I kinda like it because it's classy! Picture does no justice to it because I was lazy to turn on more lights. :X

Got like black Cubic Zirconia bracelet as well. That "black diamond" thing kinda got stuck to me after watching Sex and The City wtf? I think some black fake diamonds would do me good and go well with my dress. ;p

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